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Epic Storm Coming This Weekend


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Record setting flooding was ongoing over parts of the northern Plains early this morning, and will likely continue over the next several days.

This morning, the Red River at Fargo, N.D. surpassed its previous record of 41.1 feet, and it continues to rise. As the situation in Fargo continues to worsen, mandatory evacuations were underway for parts of the city this morning.

River flooding will likely continue for over parts of North and South Dakota and parts of Minnesota through the weekend.

Meanwhile, a potent spring storm system was taking shape over the South, which will lead to very active and dangerous weather, as we head into the weekend.

Ahead of this storm system, severe thunderstorms will likely erupt over eastern Oklahoma and Texas today, and track east across the Lower Mississippi River Valley, eastern Tennessee Valley, and parts of the Deep South tonight.

Some cities potentially impacted include Shreveport and New Orleans, La., Little Rock, Ark., Jackson, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn.

On Saturday, severe thunderstorms will track across much of the Tennessee Valley and Southeastern States; potentially impacting cities like Nashville and Knoxville, Tenn., Huntsville and Montgomery, Ala., Atlanta and Savannah, Ga., Columbia, S.C., and Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.

Both today and Saturday, tornadoes, a few of which could be strong, damaging winds, and large hail are all possible.

Repeated heavy downpours could also bring flash flooding and some river flooding to parts of the Deep South; flash flood and flood watches have been posted for parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Meanwhile, on the northern side of the storm, an historic blizzard will likely get underway over parts of the southern Plains.

Heavy snow and blizzard conditions will develop over parts of western and central Kansas, the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles, and western Okalahoma today, and continue tonight.

Amarillo, Texas, Dodge City and Wichita, Kan. will be impacted by this storm; snow totals could exceed one foot, and in some cases approach two feet; drifts many feet high will be possible.

A band of heavy snow will likely develop from the central Plains into the northern Missouri River Valley tonight into Saturday; this could bring up to a foot of snow to places like Kansas City, Mo.

Area of rain, some heavy, will also develop over parts of the Midwest today, and continue into Saturday. Locally, 1 to 2 inches could fall, which could aggravate some already ongoing river flooding across the area.


If you click the link you can see the weather map shaping up.

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