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Trade for Broncos Scheffler?


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"Although some have questioned why the Broncos wouldn’t be determined to make a player with Tony Scheffler’s ability fit into their system, we hear the team is entertaining offers for him. Word is head coach Josh McDaniels doesn’t view Scheffler, a pass-catching tight end, as a good fit for his scheme on offense, which is supposed to feature bulkier, blocking-oriented tight ends. Sources say the team isn’t set on trading Scheffler, but an offer to their liking could be enough to spark a deal. "


this guy is a very good pass catching TE who could really stretch the field - he is a good (not great) blocker and would be much better idea than going after Pettigrow @ #24 - id go a 2nd for him and then use the 1st rounder on the best defencive player there at safety, olb or DL. His dealing would be a scheme based issue only - not because his play as a pass catching TE is no good

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Jes, Mcdanials is Pissing everybody off in Denver. Are there odds that he even makes it to coach his first game.... If they tank this year, I think he gets the can after one season.

The cutler thing is unecessary drama but this makes sense since he is dumping the WCO.

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