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I'm putting on the flame resistant suit and making a mock

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This time I decided to do one without any trades and to use some combine videos since I think we have all seen all the DraftGuyTV and DraftParty videos ;)

1st Round: Brandon Pettigrew, TE. I myself have been against picking Pettigrew or any TE in the first round because there are a lot of TEs later in the draft but I think Pettigrew may be our best option in the 1st. The LBs I would want in the first would be Curry (way too high), Cushing (may be picked by the Texans who have similar needs to ours), Matthews (If only NE wasn't before us). Sorry no JL even though I love the guy. With all those guys gone Pettigrew would be our best bet. He is the most complete TE in the draft. I personally hated seeing watching games where we got into the redzone only to have to kick a fieldgoal on 4th down, a nice redzone option at TE could help that. The no TDs this season thing scares me but I'm hoping it was a fluke.

BP Combine

2nd Round: William Moore, S. I like Moore's ability to play both the safety positions just what our FO wants. I personally think Decoud could be a great player for us but behind him and Coleman we have......Fudge????

Moore Combine

3rd Round: Sammie Lee Hill, DT. Amazing what can happen to a players stock once people start to talk. Months ago SLH would have been a 5th round pick, now I see us having to take him in the 3rd or else watch him go to someone else. He has a big enough frame to come in and become a part of our rotation at DT and could play NT.

SLH Combine

4th Round: Lee Robinson, OLB. Wasn't that high on this guy till I saw the video. Has great athletic ability. Has the range and speed to cover. We need OLB who can cover seeing as we were the worst defense when it came to giving up yards to TEs and RBs in the passing game. Robinson could come in and compete for the starting job.

5th Round A: Sebastian Vollmer, OL. Gives us depth and options on the offensive line. If you don't think depth is important ask the Jaguars.

5th Round B: Brandon Williams, DE. Same physical build as Abe. With 4.78 speed could help our pass rush.

6th Round: DeAngelo Smith, CB. The "other" Cincinnati corner. Mike Mickens got a lot of the attention but Smith had 5 picks last year.

What do you think? ^_^

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I like this mock. The pick of Pettigrew, Hill and Williams are prospects that I really like..

Im going of the idea that our FO is confident in the young players we have at LB (Robert James, Nicholas, Wire)

Coy Wire isn't young xD

But agree with yoiu on James and Nicholas

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I don't like it very much. I do not like the BP pick at 24, and I don't like taking a safety in the 2nd round. CB is a bigger need than safety, but you've pushed that one down to the last pick.

I was hesitant about taking a CB because we have players that we haven't seen play like Von Hutchins. And we resigned Grimes and have Houston and Jackson. I think the FO may see how they all perform and then address the CB position next year if need be. It part of "the process" :D

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You can't be serious!

why? i agree with him. i dont know why everyone is so confident in Houston. He was terrible last year when it comes to ball skills. yes, he is a physical freak, but his CB skills are a mess. We need to draft that ball hawking stud to lock down his side of the field.

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