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A little known fact about Compensatory Picks

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Found this item about Pittsburgh's compensatory pick for Alan Faneca dropping from 3rd Round

Pick to a 5th round pick due to a little known rule that a 10-year veteran cannot bring higher than

a fifth-round draft choice.

Not sure how that affects us next year concerning our compensation for the Keith Brooking loss.

Any Brooking comp pic is most likely canceled out by Mike Peterson and Grady won't get higher than a 5th.

Foxworth and Boley are the guys who have a chance to generate higher pics

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Money is a big part of the comp picks. Brooking and Grady may not qualify at all. And as the poster said, Brooking would be cancelled out by Peterson (and then some) since Peterson will be a starter and Brooking may not.

Michael Turner signed a 36million contract and almost led the league in rushing. The Chargers got a 4th! Boley signed a 25 million contract, so I think he will bring a 5th. Foxy got 7mill/year so there is potential there for a third, but it would require him to have a big year. I think the most likely scenario is a 4th & 5th Foxy and Boley.

Nice info on the 10yr vet rule.

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Brooking could be a pro bowler, and Peterson could flop, but they both qualify so they cancel each other out. Jackson, Boley and Foxworth have their maximum levels at 3rd, 4th and 7th and this is if they play over 600 snaps each. which while likely, could always be affected by injury. the scenario we are looking at right now (and I have asked AdamJT13 about it since he is the comp pick expert) is a 3 player loss with Boley, Foxworth and Jackson the ones who the performance is based off of. and using that we are looking at this:


3rd if he plays over 600 snaps

4th if he plays under 600 snaps


4th if he plays over 600 snaps

5th if he plays under 600 snaps


7th no matter what happens.

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