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Now that Mayock said you have to throw Butlers name

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Jenkins could fall to us and Mayock said he is a cover 2 corner. If jenkins is there he will be a Falcon, and the closer to the draft we get the more I think we are not taking a OLB in the 1st.


Moore/ Rashad Johnson in the 2nd

If Jenkins is there at 24 we are going to take our future SS, because we can go OLB or DT in the 3rd and 4th.

Personally I hope we get Jenkins

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Why will he play safety at the next level?

The comparison is with Rolle of the Cardinals. He was drafted to play corner, but was felt too slow & with his size was ultimately moved to FS.

It's not that he can't play CB, but he's predicted to go in the top half of the 1st round. You need elite speed and quickness to be drafted as a CB that highly.

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As always I would like to hear other views.

But me might move Coleman to SS, he can definately do it, and he has shown he can do it. Leaving a S in the draft to play FS.for us

Coleman has said himself that he has already moved to SS and Decoud is the front runner right now for FS.

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Really, where?

In the J-MIke interview he said he was taking over for Milloy. You can find it in the AF home page. Also, Falconmamma and a couple other posters heard him on Sirus radio saying he was going back to his natural SS position and Decoud was the frontrunner. I didn't hear that one myself but since a few posters heard it, I'm taking their word for it. Especially since it lined up with what he said in the J-MIke interview. He played SS his first year with the Jets too before Mangini took over.

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