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Trade: Cleveland's #36 and #50 for our #24 and our #135

Reason: Jamaal Lewis is getting incredibly old and Moreno gives them a future RB to groom as the young QB continues to grow whether its Anderson or Quinn

Falcons Draft:

Round 1)

pick #24-traded to Cleveland for two second rounders (pretty much the reverse of what we did last year. Instead of moving into the first we are dropping into the second)

Round 2)

Pick #36(from/CLE)-Jared Cook-TE-South Carolina-A superstar pass catcher despite being in one of the worst QB situations in all of college football the last few years.

Pick #50(from/CLE)-Paul Kruger-DE-Utah-Not exactly got the measurables and his stock is falling but he showed a real ability to get after the QB and was a key factor on the defense of an undefeated Utah football team last season

Pick #55-Victor "Macho" Harris-CB-VT-He is a top notch CB with the ability to shut down WRs. He has a physical nature that can help any team and make any Defense better. He would instantly compete with Chevis for the number 2 CB role

Round 3)

Pick #90-Danelle Ellerbe-WLB-UGA-He is a natural LB who plays every position and can compete with James and Nicholas for the starting job next year. He is a good leader and always works hard in practice.

Round 4)

Pick #121-Derek Pegues-FS-MISS State-He could fall this far simply do to the surplus of safeties in this years draft. He is a ball hawk and would be the perfect back-up to a young guy like Decoud because they can learn from Coleman together and his presence will force Decoud to step up right away

Round 5)

Pick #135(from/OAK)-traded to Cleveland

Pick #152-Andrew Gardner-OT-GT-As a UGA fan I find this pick disgusting but he is a strong run blocker and instantly fills the void at back-up tackle left by Weiner's retirement.

Round 6)

Myron Pryor-NT-UK-He is a powerful force on the d-line and it is impossible for me to believe he is not a first day pick but the mistakes being made in player rankings help us here.

Round 7)

Pick #220-traded to Den for Foxy


FB-Vai Vakapuna-BYU-FB-He is a powerful runner that can spell Ovie at certain times and could eventually replace him when his contract runs out over the next few years

NT-Marlon Favorite-LSU-NT-He is a powerful NT who can be the 5th DT on this team to play with Jefferson and Jamaal Anderson who moves to DT

WR-Demiko Goodman-WR-He is a receiver with good speed and a lot of big play ability the only problem is a little problem with drops but if we fixed Roddy we can do anything. He instantly competes with Weems and Robinson if his injuries continue.

Don't be to harsh I was tired and only spent 15 minutes on it (rankings based on Walterfootball.com)

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love the trade idea, hate the draft.

36) Delmas/Moore S

50) Phil Loadholt RT

55) Paul Kruger DE

90) Dorrell Scott NT

121) Nic Harris WLB/Jason Williams SLB

152) ?

rd 6) Myron Pryor NT


36) Hood DT

50) Loadholt RT

55) Rashad Johnson S

90) Mike Mickens CB

121) Harris/Williams OLB

152) ?

rd 6) Myron Pryor NT

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