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Who you got tomorrow night?

Scott da 6'0

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I know some brackets are a mess right now, but who do you have in tomorrow night's games?

I think UCONN should definitely beat Purdue. The Boilermakers are playing good ball now, but they don't have an answer for Thabeet down low. Robbie Hummel also sometimes disappears in big games, and if he does that, Purdue has no chance. I like UCONN in this one by 8 or 9.

Pitt matches up very well with Xavier IMO. I watched a couple Musketeer games this week on my DVR, and they have a very solid team. However, DeJuan Blair will most likely dominate. Xavier simply doesn't have anybody to stop him from controlling the game. I also expect Levance Fields to bounce back and play better than he has in the last few. I like Pitt in this one.

Memphis and Missouri is going to be a very exciting game. Missouri prides themselves on their pressure defense, but Memphis is usually pretty solid against such pressure. Tyreke Evans may not be a true PG, but he is getting better with each game. Given the way Roburt Sallie and Doneal Mack have been shooting from the outside, I like Memphis in this one.

And the best match-up of the night is in Boston. Duke vs. Villanova. Both of these teams are really good, but I give the edge to 'Nova. Both teams have excellent guards. Scheyer's length is going to create some problems for Scottie Reynolds, but the Wildcats get the edge because of Dante Cunningham down low. He has been playing out of his mind this year, and still doesn't get talked about much. This one could go either way, but I like 'Nova.

Who you got?

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Ive got UConn, Pitt, Duke and Memphis

These games could go either way though. I could see Pitt having their biggest win of the tournament so far though over Xavier.

I agree with you there, I think Pitt gets on a roll tonight.

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