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Falcons mock draft


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Clabo gets signed by the Chicago Bears because of their big need at both T positions so they give up their 2nd rounder to us

Round 1: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State - A great overall TE IMO. He is a great receiver with great hands and when he gets the ball in his hands he is very tough to bring down. Only thing he lacks is elite speed, but I still think he is a great TE

Round 2: Sean Smith, CB, Utah - I really like Smiths great combination of size and speed. He is 6'4 high and he runs a 4.48 in 40 yard dash. A guy like that doesn't come along often. He also has nice ball skills and he will be a great CB in the NFL

Round 2: Ron Brace, DT, Boston College - He may not be here for our pick here. He is a great run stuffer and he closes gaps very quick. He is more athletic than you would think for a guy his size and he actually has a great burst of the snap

Round 3: Jamon Meredith, OT, South Carolina - A versatile T that can play both T positions. He is a fighter and he can plow a defender and after one player he quickly moves on to plow another defender. He is a nice overall T

Round 4: Jason Williams, OLB, Wester Illinois - This drafts steal IMO. He is a great overall LB and will be a 3 down LB. He is very fast and great in coverage and he can make the tackle in the open field. Groom him behind Peterson and after Peterson let him start

Round 5: Phillip Hunt, DE, Houston - He will be a situational pass rusher for us, and only come in on passing downs. He has great burst of the snap and is a great pass rusher. In three years he had 32 sacks

Round 5: Frantz Joseph, LB, Florida Atlantic - Got really interested in this kid after Is saw a thread with him. I only wrote LB because he can be a MLB and an SLB. He punishes when he tackles. He can drop back into coverage and he sacrifises himself to break up the pass

Round 6: CJ Davis, OT, Pittsburgh - A very versatile T who can play both T and G positions. He has an unstoppable motor and he never stops fighting no matter what the score on the scoreboard is. Nice depth


Kevin Akins, FS, Boston College - Nice instincts and tackling ability

Marcus Thigpen, KR, Indiana - Maybe the best KR coming out of college

Depth Chart

QB: Ryan-Redman-Schockley

RB: Turner-Norwood-Brown

FB: Mughelli-Snelling

TE: Pettigrew-Peele-Hartsock

WR: White-Robinson

WR: Jenkins-Douglas-Finneran

LT: Baker-Svitek

LG: Blalock-Ojinaka

C: McClure-Romberg

RG: Dahl-Wilkerson

RT: Meredith-Davis

DE: Abraham-Biermann

DT: Brace-Lewis-Jefferson

DT: Babineaux-Moorehead

DE: Anderson-Davis-Hunt

SLB: Peterson-Williams-Wire

MLB: Lofton-Joseph-Gilbert

WLB: Nicholas-James

RCB: Houston-Jackson

LCB: Smith-Hutchins

FS: DeCoud-Akins

SS: Coleman-Fudge

K: Elam

P: Koenen

KO: Koenen

R: Thigpen

On passing situations Hunt and Abraham will occupy the DE spots for pass rush.

On running downs we will have Lewis and Brace in the middle.

But usually we will have Anderson-Babineaux-Brace-Abraham as our normal starters.

Our LB core is IMO very nice and in one or two years Williams will take over for Peterson.

Our CBs are now set for years. A very solid Group.

DeCoud is our future at FS but Coleman is not the future at SS. We will draft a SS in the 2010 draft.

The only big change on offense is Pettigrew coming in as our new starter and we add some much needed depth on our offensive line.

What do you think about that?

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This mock is really just rolling the Dice on the Health and Future of Matt Ryan.

When you are this close to a Great O Line, you do not gamble.

2 Factork that work against us.

1 There is no guarantee that Jamon would be availble to us in that round.

2 There is no guarantee that the guy will even make it in the NFL.

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