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Most Pressing need in the draft


What position do we need to address the most  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. Where do you think we need the most help

    • Defensive tackle
    • Outside Linebacker
    • Saftey
    • Corner
    • Defensive End
    • Other

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According to team rankings, on defense we need a lot of help overall, a lot.....

Ranked 24th over all, 21st against the pass, 25th against the run. I voted for defensive tackle. If we can stop the run and keep our offense on the field for more time in the game, i think we can put up huge numbers with the firepower we have on the offensive side of the ball.

Corner will have to be addressed at some point in time, early in the draft (second round), but i think a run stuffing tackle will greatly improve the whole scope of our defense. We have a group of servicable linebackers, adding Peterson makes me feel like we will wait until the third or fourth round to draft there.

That being said, the right man has to be there at 24 for us to go defensive tackle as the draft does not seam very heavy in quality DT's ..... P. Jerry would be great although I don't know if he falls to us there.

Tight end seems to be a plenty in this draft. Being able to pick up Coffman, Nelson, or Cook as late as the third would be great, but we could even wait as late as the 5th or 6th round for the Phillips kid out of Virginia.


Great blocker, superb hands, lacks the speed to stretch the field, but was not exactly on a stage to showcase his talents at Virginia as they decided once again to not field a competitive football team.... GRRRR....

I digress. Tight end is super deep this year as DT does not have as much quality. Another JA55 would be nice and would help our corner situation with the pass rush as I am not sold on JA98. I just don't think we can spend a top pick on a luxury when we have a more pressing need.

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I voted DT. I think that we have some nice talent in our secondary and if we improve our D-Line with a run stopper and a situational pass rusher like Brandon Williams or Lawrence Sidibury then it would really help our secondary and make it look good

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If chris Huston bucks his ideas up and gets more physical then we should be ok for CB. but i still think we need one in the first or second round

houston is plenty physical, but he just doesnt have the ball skills to be a good CB. all he does is run right beside the receiver, waits until the receiver catches it, then either tackles him or pushes him out of bounds. put houston in the nickle, then draft a ball hawking corner to take his spot. like either Alphonso Smith, Sean Smith, or Darius Butler.

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You must bulid from the inside out and a great pass rush makes your secondary alot better and stoping the run should be top priority DT, DE

or my most important positions but this draft seems stronger at the DE position than DT but hopefully a good DT Falls to us at 24 if not we

draft BPA on the Defensive side of the ball.

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