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Many questions at the end of last season in my mind

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As good as our coaches got our players to play last year I wouldnt be surprised if Nicholas Chevis and even Jamaal have a big year.

Jamaal was showing flashes and it is ashame he got hurt, it definately set him back. But Nicholas and Chevis have great talent and this coaching staff brings it out better than most coaching staffs in the league.

So I think thats why our coaches are some comfortable with them most likely starting. But I also think thats why we are not going to look at CB or OLB in the 1st rd. and I dont see us taking a CB if we are so high on CHevis and Houston.

SO where does that leave us for the draft?

I think Pettigrew will be the choice no doubt if he's there. But if he is not SS and Louis Delmas just might be the best choice at the time for us, then go DT or best available OLB. OR we can really look at Jam playing DT and bring in Johnson at DE that adds depth all across our D-line. then in the 2nd rd. we can look for a SS or OLB or even the best available DT and which that case some one can say goodbye on the D-line cause someone has to get cut.

But I believe the best route is DE Johnson, even if he is a bust we know we can pick up solid players at DT and OLB and SS later in the draft. the Draft could look like this:( our first 4 picks)

Micheal Johnson

Ron Brace

Micheal Hamlin

Nic Harris

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