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My only worry there is DAL always starts out hot.

But you gotta play the game to win the game.

bring it on if it is true. we will be national if so, which is a great way for these birds to make a name.

yeah dallas usually comes out swinging each year. then we hear about how this might be romo's year.... 6-8 weeks later the story is completely opposite.

but how awesome would that be? To shut up the dallas crowd because you know how pumped they will be for that game..... I have so many cowboy fans around me, that I would either have a really really good monday..... or a pretty bad one....

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i dont know if its true but i would love it...... If we are a good team we can beat any team any time (i dont care if they start hot)...... This would have to be a primetime game. They also would make a big deal out of it because Keith Brooking play for the Cowboys now.

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i would looove that, first of all we definitely have a chance to win, and we dont even need to play our best football, let me remind you all the losses dallas has had during this offseason, they are a team that relies on romo to win! and lets be honest when you do that you cant be better than us, on the offensive side no T.O. which is the one that made the explosive plays, in the punt kicking side no pacman jones, in the defensive side no roy williams no tank johnson no chris canty no pacman jones and they will have brooking probably as a starter!, romo will be in the process of making chemistry with roy williams and he hasnt been able to do so, if we can stop their running game (for which we need to have a great draft) we will not just beat them but crush them! my BF is a cowboys fan, he will be devastated and i am definitely going to that game!

LOL. That sounds dirty! :P

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