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Why do I have to be such an Idiot?

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So today I decided to wash my pants, since I washed my shirts,socks, and stained boxers yesterday.

Usually I check my pockets to see if I left anything in them. Today I forgot I got sidetracked.

So I went to open the dryer and I see my wallet bent out of shape :o, so I said okay it's not a big deal. Then my money is gone, and my license :o

So I take all the pants out and look for the money and license. My license is fine.

All my money turned blue :o. If I try to use this money someone will probably accuse me of using false money. Monopoly money :o

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half off tonight :D

dayum....its times like this when i wish i wasnt married and didnt have to work till 10pm tonight :lol:

Lol I can't walk around wearing those tight pants like John Travolta in Greece. :D

pants so tight you can tell what religion the guy is :blink:

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