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NFL announces opening-weekend primetime, Thanksgiving games

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DANA POINT, Calif. (AP) -- The Super Bowl champion Steelers will open the 2009 NFL season in Pittsburgh on Sept. 10 against the Tennessee Titans.

In announcing the opening weekend's nationally televised games, the league also said the Chicago Bears will play at Green Bay in the first Sunday night game. Both the Titans-Steelers and Bears-Packers games will be on NBC.

The Monday night doubleheader on ESPN on Sept. 14 will feature Buffalo at New England, followed by San Diego at Oakland.

The NFL also announced its Thanksgiving Day slate. The early game (FOX, 12:30 PM ET) will be an NFC North meeting of the Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions. The second game (CBS, 4:15 PM ET) features the Oakland Raiders visiting the Dallas Cowboys in the Raiders' first Thanksgiving game since 1970. The Thanksgiving primetime game will be at 8:20 PM ET on NFL Network with the defending NFC East champion New York Giants visiting the Denver Broncos, marking the first Thanksgiving contest in Denver since 1963.


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Off subject a bit here, but I have stayed at the resort/spa where the owners/gms/coaches are staying - its very nice but is absolutely the worst service for a plush hotel - you would not believe (St. Regis Monarch/ Dana Point, CA)

Its the culture out in California - mostly young kids who would not know the meaning of "service" if it reached up and bit them in the face. You definitely get more customer service on the east coast than you do the west. Its just hilarious because you would think somewhere that costs $600-$800 per night with $50 for breakfast (toast/eggs/oj/coffee - i'm not kidding!) that you would get better service - don't ever pay a lot for a resort in Cali

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howabout Arizona getting the shaft! I thought the defending NFC champs were supposed to get the sunday or monday night game. Seems like it would have been very to easy to have AZ play the late MNF game. ....???

and I think it would have been interesting to have the texans play the cowboys on thanksgiving. does anyone know if that game will be in dallas or houston this year??? if its in houston, It would have been an interesting mnf game for opening weekend since they"ll both be 0-0 and very much still in it

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Someone really needs to explain to me why Oakland would have any Primetime games last year. Their feeble attempt at the Doubleheader MNF opening weekend game looked like a High School team playing the Broncos. This makes no sense to me at all, I guess Skeletor Davis still has a lot of pull with the league.

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