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How deep are DTs in the draft?


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he may be worth it but i wouldn't trade norwood or a large number of picks, just because norwood is a great feature back to Turner. And that the defence is still rebuilding and needs all the players it can get

I understand that we need as many players as we can get, but wouldn't an immediate impact player be better than a couple of players that will be second string for the next couple years. We sure could use a force in the middle that will eat up double teams. It wouldn't bother me to loose Norwood he is totally situational. Give me a 3 down player any day.

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How about keep the picks, take the best players this year, and try to steal Wilfork in free agency next year?

Thats nice but isn't that going against what we are trying to do by going young. I would love to see what Smitty could do with a young player like Raji.

Or if we trade up why not trade up for Curry?

I know just dreaming.

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I like B.J Raji but ill rather keep our picksand just draft a DT (first 2 rounds) next year

Next Year DT

6'3 300lbs Arthur Jones,

6'4 310lbs Ndamukong Suh

6'3 308lbs Marvin Austin

6'4 300lbs Gerald McCoy

6'3 300lbs DeMarcus Granger

6'4 360lbs Terrence Cody

6'1 295lbs Geno Atkins

6'1 300lbs Jeff Owens

6'6 315lbs Vince Oghobaase

6'4 315lbs Al Woods

6'4 308lbs Lawrence Marsh

I like next year DT class.... I would rather sign Tank Johnson to a 1 or 2 year deal this offseason.....I would let Trey Lewis (try to prove himself) and tank johnson hold down the NT position this year...... I would attack the DT position with our 1st or 2nd round pick next year.

TD knows whats best tho.

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To be honest I can't see us going DT in the first round as we still don't know what Trey Lewis can do when healthy.

Yah we are majorly lacking depth, and I can see us picking up a DT in rounds 2-5 but I doubt we would consider trading up.

IMO we are more likely to trade out of the first.







5th(a )

5th(b )













Easy to build through the draft with that many picks over years ^_^

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lol this is very stupid.

Norwood is a great asset, and is a threat in the passing game complementing turner's monotone rushing style, why we would trade him when we are playing sound defensive teams next year is a dumb man's puzzle. There are plenty of stud DT's available this year outside raji and the dropoff in quality isn't even that bad.






this draft is the deepest at this position. If anything we should try to get cushing w/ our first pick, fingers crossed hoping NE doesnt take him.

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No way should we trade up for BJ. He's not the best DT in this Draft; Peria Jerry is. Check out their 08 Stats:

BJ Raji (Games Played 13) (Tackles 42) (TFL 16) (Sacks 8)

Peria Jerry (Games Played 11) (Tackles 49) (TFL 18) (Sacks 7)

Note: Peria missed 2 games in 08. He average 4 tackles per game. Add 8 more tackles for those 2 games and that would give him 56 tackles for the season. He also would have increase his sacks total as well. Jerry played in a much tougher conference than BJ.

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