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Falcons mock draft


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Round 1: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State - An everydown TE. He has great hands, he is a great blocker, he will create matchup problems with his size and when he gets the ball he is a tough kid and hard to bring down. Only lacks speed. Having him in on our offense will also make the defense not being able to tell if it is a pass or a run with his blocking and receiving skills

Round 2: Lawrence Sidibury Jr, DE, Richmond - Heard he was rising up a lot of teams draft boards fast so we need to take him with his great ability to get to the QB. He reminds me a lot of our own John Abraham with his speed, great burst of the snap and running the ark. He can come in on certain passing downs and stress the QB in the pocket

Round 3: Asher Allen, CB, Georgia - He is speedy and even though he isn't as tall as we want a CB to be he has shown nice cover skills. He had a broken hand which limited him this year in college but he still came up with some nice plays. He can come in and be a nice nickel back and maybe even be a KR

Round 4: Jason Williams, OLB, Western Illinois - He is a speedy LB with great ability to drop back into coverage. He has shown that he can also come in make a tackle in the open field. Like we drafted Stephen Nicholas in the 4th round and groomed him and giving him a shot at starting and I think we will do the same with Jason Williams here just with him beeing behind Mike Peterson

Round 5: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman - A big guy weighing in at 329 pounds. And he is also very athletic for a guy his size. He actually played a little bit DE in college and that shows how athletic he is for a guy his size. I think that with him, Babs and Lewis we will have a good rotational defensive line on the inside with Lewis and Hill being in on running downs

Round 5: Frantz Joseph, MLB, Florida Atlantic - Was in on a thread here on our boards and saw some guy really hyped about this kid and I really got hyped about him to. He has speed. He is a punisher when he tackles. He can drop back into coverage and he has a lot of heart and passion. He can be a nice special teamer and great depth

Round 6: CJ Davis, OL, Pittsburgh - Here we just start drafting for some depth and Davis will be nice depth behind Clabo. Davis is a big kid with okay athletic ability to both run and pass block. He is though still best at run blocking. He has an unstoppable motor when playing and he has a lot of passion and he is a fighter


Kevin Akins, S, Boston College - Shown nice instincts and ball skills

Marcus Thigpen, KR, Indiana - The best KR in this draft

Depth chart

QB: Ryan-Redman-Schockley

RB: Turner-Norwood-Brown

FB: Mughelli-Snelling

TE: Pettigrew-Peele-Hartsock

WR: White-Robinson

WR: Jenkins-Douglas-Finneran

LT: Baker-Svitek

LG: Blalock-Ojinaka

C: McClure-Romberg

RG: Dahl-Wilkerson

RT: Clabo-Davis

DE: Abraham-Biermann

DT: Lewis-Hill-Moorehead

DT: Babineaux-Jefferson

DE: Anderson-Davis-Sidibury

SLB: Peterson-Williams-Wire

MLB: Lofton-Joseph-Gilbert

WLB: Nicholas-James

RCB: Houston-Hutchins

LCB: Jackson-Allen

SS: Coleman-Fudge

FS: DeCoud-Akins

K: Elam

P: Koenen

KO: Koenen

R: Thigpen


Offense - Only one significant change in Pettigrew coming in as our new starting TE. I think he will a great adition for our offense. Besides that we have added some much needed depth for our offensive line this off-season with Svitek, Romberg and Davis. I think our offense will go through another year of domination

Defense - A very defensive minded draft but we really needed that. Actually if you look at our depth chart we only have one new starter but that is because that we on our defense rotate a lot. And lets start by going through the defensive line in case of rotation. The DE positions will be starting with Abraham and on the other side I think a battle between Davis and Anderson for the starting spot will occure and I think it will end up with much rotation between them, and then on obvious passing situations we bring in the dangerous pass rusher Sidibury. On DT we will start Babs and Lewis and on obvious running situations SLH will come in and IMO make a nice run stopping duo with him and Lewis. And maybe on ovious passing situations Anderson will be moved in to DT. Our LB core is now set for some years IMO. Nicholas has the speed to drop into coverage and he loves to make a tackke. He will be great. Williams to groom behind Peterson is IMO a great idea because I think Williams could be a steal this year. Lofton is as last year a great player. Our secondary will also be rotating a bit with Allen and Jackson and I think that we maybe still can improve a bit there next year but with our new defensive line I think they can make our secondary look good. Our Ss are still questionable and we will give DeCoud a chance this year but if he fails we will get a new starting S in next years draft. Coleman is still IMO a temporary solution and will be replaced next year.

Special Teams - Not much to say about that besides that we got ourself a new dangerous KR in Thigpen

Overall I think this will really help our defense a lot next year. Tell me what yall think about my plan on rotation a lot on defense

Please critisize so I can make the next one better or praise if I don't have to chance anything :)

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