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How my views have changed recently...


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Sorry if this bores some of you haha I just felt I wanted to post something.

For the last month or so I have been evry fickle about who I want/don't want in thsi draft. I think finally I've been able to settle down on what I think would be best for our team.

Essentially, I think we need to strengthen from the line of scrimmage outwards.

Our OL was very good last year, but I feel that although Clabo and Dahl did really well, with the tenders they've been given this season, I don't think they are will be the long term pairing as our right side. Also, as much as I like Sam Baker he was definitely not good against Arizona. He was back from an injury that seemed to take a while to shake off. At this point in his career I think it's too early to be calling him an injury worry, but I'd prefer to err on the side of caution and draft a OT, perhaps not just for depth but to be the future at the RT position, and maybe play at LT if required. I think we've signed Will Svitek but I don't think he can contribute much if I'm honest. However Renardo Foster looked good so hopefully he can be good depth.

The DL I feel should be our main focus. I think upgrading at LE and NT would make our LBs and (in particular) secondary a lot better. I have previously mentioned that I am a fan of the dominant DTs, and I feel that is the way to go. However...there does not seem to be a perfect fit for us this season. Ziggy Hood is definitely an option and one that I would not be opposed to. Ron Brace in the 2nd would also be great but his stock has increased so much there's a large possibility he won't be there.

At LE Michael Johnson is an option. I've always been wary of these "superathletes", so for him I guess I'm indifferent. Also, if we are looking to build long term success I feel that taking a DE this year would serve use well. We could be solid for years, even if JA98 didn't pan out.

The linebacking corps I feel is actually a lot more sound than people may think. I think Peterson will be a more than capable stopgap, allowing us to save our picks for other positions. Nicholas I think has reached the stage in his career where he can either become a starter... or end up being a perennial back up. I sincerely hope its the former and wouldn't be opposed to letting him prove himself this season.

In the secondary I think we definitely do need help. However I do feel that upgrading the DL would have a bigger impact on this unit than upgrading any of our DBs. I think what this unit could do with more than raw young talent is a veteran presence. Sure Coleman is there, but I've never heard anything about him in terms being good in the lockeroom or providing valuable insight gained from his experience (Not knicking him as a player btw). I'm slightly disappointed we didn't pick up a CB/S in FA this year, if only to provide stability.

I see what a lot of people here mean when they say Chris Houston doesn't fit our scheme, and is more suited to man coverage. Personally I agree but I don't feel we need to ship him out so quickly. He didn't do too badly last season, and 2bh we can't afford to get even less experienced at the position. A guy like Jarius Byrd or and other 3rd-ish round Cover CBs would be nice for insurance and grooming.

As for TE... personally I don;t mind fi we get a new one or not. If we get Pettigrew I wouldn't be too distraught, as long as the FO had a plan for our other picks and wasn't sacrificing a DT or other important player for him.

So with all that in mind I'd rank out order of need as:








**this is not how I think we should draft, just our order of need

However... when drafting I think it's also important to get value at your pick. Therefore IMO if he fell Oher at #24 would be a better pick than Ziggy Hood. Even though Hood is at a greater position of need, Oher is just simply a better player.

But yeah...to sum up I really want to strenghten our lines since I firmly believe that they can passively improve the rest of the Defence/Offence.

Would be happy with Andre Smith, Michael Oher or Ziggy Hood. Also I think a special mention goes out to Connor Barwin in the second who I really really love.

*Mentioned previously many a time how annoyed I am that there isn't a really good fit DT for us in teh 1st round haha fingers crossed for Suh next year.

My fingers hurt xD

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts but based on the players in the draft and where we pick i feel differently

Needs/ Value Pick

I think that we need to pick a DE in the 1st or 2nd round (Pass Rushing DE)


Micheal Johnson

Connor Barwin

Larry English

Paul Kruger

Lawrence Sidbury

I think that we should also pick up a OT in either the first or second round, since we signed Clabo and Dahl to tenders one of them will not be back next year. I would rather keep Clabo since he is a little more verstile.

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I like this post, because you are thinking ahead of the game.

The thing that really gets me is, people scream 3rd and 16!

To that I say BUNK !

Our Offense was accountable for 10 points in that game.

7 of those points came at a critical juncture of the game.

That my dear friends is an offensive line that just SUCKED!

Sure they were good during the regular season, but in the playoffs

our O Line was the worst. Period.

Clabo is a RG,, Dahl is just a quality depth player.

We need a LT at 24 and maybe depth at Tackle by the 4th round.

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