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Five Prime Time Games for Big Blue in 2009


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A hat tip to Vinny DiTrani of True Blue (NorthJersey.com) who dug up this latest nuget regarding the New York Giants and a portion of their 2009-2010 schedule.

Although the bulk of the NFL schedule will not be released until next month, the Giants apparently have been told to expect five prime time games this year.

And since the parking situation prohibits the Giants from playing home Monday night games, they will be limited to Sunday nights, Monday nights on the road and perhaps a Thursday night NFL Network game, maybe even the Thanksgiving night contest. Although the Giants could host the Turkey night game, they reportedly told the league they would rather not. But they could wind up on the road for that game.

Some of these games -- including the Thanksgiving game -- are bound to be announced on Monday during the owners meetings.


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The journalist who uncovered that "nugget" is just regurgitating common NFL-schedule making knowledge: logistical restraints of the Meadowlands + recent Giants success + lots of fans in a large East Coast market = about 5 primetime games, none of which can be at home on MNF...:rolleyes:

You'll find far more insight into scheduling topics on the forums at this site: www.the506.com

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