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Dan Gronkowski TE


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He played on a Maryland team that didn't really utilize TEs much.. He was on the watch list for the John Mackey award. He was used primarily as a blocking tight end in 07, but was given an opportunity to make plays as a receiver threat and had a good 08 season as their #3 option behind D.Heyward Bey, and RB Da'Rel Scott. His senior year he totaled 29 catches for 300 yards in 11 games. ..He had alot to do with the success of their running game.(1872 yds 4.3 ypc)

The more I research him the more he reminds me of Heath Miller. The difference between the two is Miller was the #1 option on offense, while Gronkowski was like the 3rd. He is a very good blocker who can be a reliable catcher if given the opportunity. He will be a steal in the 4th or 5th round.


6-6 257

40 yard dash:4.78

20 yard dash:2.77

10 yard dash:1.60

Reps: 26

Vertical: 33"

Broad Jump: 10'02"

20 yard shuttle:4.26


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Another nice TE in the 5-7th range is Bear Pascoe....He had some impressive receiving stats and he is arguably the best blocking TE in the draft...I know Elijay loves him...

But Bear is slow as all get out. I dont want him, he is a good blocker but he is not an upgrade over what we have, I would rather go with what we have then to get Pascoe.

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Some interesting names being thrown around here in this thread.

I don't see Gronkowski making it out of the 5th round but by that point teams are drafting differently so it's possible that he could get to us later in the sixth but if you really wanted him then you might want to take him in the 5th.

I had Pascoe going to us in some of my prior mock drafts but now I am leaning towards Cameron Morrah more than Pascoe.

Phillips is interesting since he's on record as being 6'6" and 250 lbs. and running a 4.73.

I haven't looked into Phillips much as he just got on my radar this past Thursday. He might be solid.

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