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FalconBlood's Falcons Draft and Explanations


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1-24) CB Sean Smith, Utah

Explanation: Possibly the most impressive pre-draft secondary prospect is gobbled up at 24. Atlanta hopes the safety/corner hybrid can excel in their defensive scheme as Rashean Mathis did for Mike Smith in Jacksonville.

2-55) NT Ron Brace, Boston College

Explanation: Arguably the best nose tackle prospect of the draft is great value at this juncture. Atlanta hopes he can bring a “younger-Grady-like” presence to their developing defensive line and mesh well with the young star Jonathan Babineaux.

3-90) FS Rashad Johnson, Alabama

Explanation: A ball-hawking safety and leader of his college defense who is too good for Atlanta to pass up here in the third. Said to be the smartest player he has coached by Nick Saban. The Falcons still want to develop DeCoud, but Johnson has more of the turnover ability that Dimitroff and Mike Smith are looking for to play along side the emerging star Erik Coleman.

4-121) TE Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss

Explanation: A talented and hard-working TE who has all of the tools to be a good one in the NFL. Should bring more to the table than any other TE on the Falcon’s current roster as far as being a receiving threat.

5-152) UT Vance Walker, Georgia Tech

Explanation: A leader on the talented Georgia Tech defensive line, he had a down year his last year of college. He has, however, shown enough in previous seasons to intrigue the front office to take a chance on him in the 5th to spell Babineaux.

6-183) ILB Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina

Explanation: Great college players like Brinkley often come back from injuries to have good NFL careers (Willis McGahee). The Falcons are hoping he can have a healthy and impactful career with them.

7-218) RG Jaimie Thomas, Maryland

Explanation: A big guard and leader of his college’s offensive line who should provide good depth behind young guard Harvey Dahl.


QB-They felt comfortable passing over the QB class of this draft.

HB- They felt comfortable passing over the HB class of this draft.

FB- They felt comfortable passing over the FB class of this draft.

WR- They felt comfortable passing over the WR class of this draft.

TE- They felt they could use a mid-round selection on a promising young prospect.

OL- They felt they may use a late-round selection on a depth player and if a great OL prospect feel they would have to select them.

DE- They felt comfortable with the competition at DE and Ray Hamilton’s progress with the group.

DT- They love Babineaux, but felt he needed a rotation compliment possibly later in the draft and they knew they needed a big fella to replace Grady Jackson and help Trey Lewis.

LB- The front office fought hard with the prospect of making LB a priority, but in the end drafted one for depth and went secondary early in the draft. They felt very comfortable with giving the hard-hitting Nicholas a shot to take the starting spot next to Lofton for years to come, while letting Mike Peterson provide leadership for a year while they find the next piece.

CB- The front office wanted to bring one talented player in to compete with their young, yet talented group they had already.

S- The front office was comfortable with DeCoud and Fudge competing, but felt that a young ball-hawking safety in the mix would not be a bad thing.

K- They felt comfortable passing over the K class of this draft.

P- They felt comfortable passing over the P class of this draft.


QB----Matt Ryan-------------------Chris Redman-------------D.J. Shockley

HB----Michael Turner-------------Jerious Norwood----------Thomas Brown

FB-----Ovie Mughelli--------------Jason Snelling

WR----Roddy White---------------Laurent Robinson

WR----Michael Jenkins------------Brian Finneran

Slot----Harry Douglas

TE-----Shawn Nelson--------------Ben Hartsock----------------Justin Peele

LT-----Sam Baker------------------Quinn Ojinnaka

LG-----Justin Blalock--------------Ben Wilkerson

C-------Todd McClure--------------Brett Romberg--------------Alex Stepanovich

RG----Harvey Dahl-----------------Jaimie Thomas

RT-----Tyson Clabo----------------Will Sviteck

LE-----Jamaal Anderson-----------Chauncey Davis

NT-----Ron Brace----------------Trey Lewis

UT-----Jonathan Babineaux--------Vance Walker----------------Jason Jefferson

RE-----John Abraham--------------Kroy Biermann

WLB--Stephen Nicholas-----------Robert James

MLB--Curtis Lofton----------------Jasper Brinkley

SLB---Mike Peterson---------------Coy Wire

CB----Sean Smith-----------------Von Hutchins

CB----Chris Houston---------------Brent Grimes

NB----Chevis Jackson--------------Antoine Harris

FS-----Rashad Johnson-----------Thomas DeCoud

SS-----Erik Coleman ---------------Jamaal Fudge

K------Jason Elam

P------Michael Koenen

LS----Mike Schneck

KR----Thomas Brown---------------Jerious Norwood

PR----Harry Douglas----------------Brian Finneran


Atlanta (9-7)

2nd in the NFC South

Wildcard Playoff Birth

High-Flying Offense

Speedy, Developing, and Promising Defense


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Well me neither.. But I have seen Evander Hood and some high jumping UT prospect pushing him down in a few mocks. It's possible, he could also be reached for... Who knows?

Yeah, Ive seen mocks that have him going from somewhere in the 20's, and some dont have him going until the 3rd round. I'd be happy with the pick, I just dont see him hanging around to 55. Especially with several teams switching to the 3-4 this year, and DT/NT seeming to be a big need around the league.

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Yeah, Ive seen mocks that have him going from somewhere in the 20's, and some dont have him going until the 3rd round. I'd be happy with the pick, I just dont see him hanging around to 55. Especially with several teams switching to the 3-4 this year, and DT/NT seeming to be a big need around the league.

I very much follow your logic, I'd just like it to be us who retain his services.

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tbh i dont like it. ive only watched one game of sean smith and he doesnt look like a first rounder and i wold say he is the 5/6th best CB in this draft.

i like brace fits a need and is system specific, i absolutely love johnson yet he wont make it to our 2nd yet alone our 3rd.nelson is against our system and will go 2 rounds earlier than you have him picked. i liked brinkley at the senior bowl and dont know where he is projected to go yet he seemed better than a 5th so could be a steal.

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