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Not just another mock part 2

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After getting feedback and votes on my last poll, I am goin 2 make a mock based on the results. I will calculate it in a winning percentage format, with a vote for being a "win" and a vote against being a "loss". The results are:

Decoud: 6-8; .429%

Chevy: 8-2; .800%

Trey: 3-6; .333%

Nix/James: 6-4; .600%

Davis: 5-7; .417%

That would mean the draft order by position would be:






Add in a TE and OL, and that is how this mock will go. Considering the picks of Hood, Barwin, Ingram, and Gardner from both mocks would be the same(see http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?showtopic=3838410), I will copy/paste those and post new info for the new players.

1. Ziggy Hood- DT, Mizz.

I think Trey can and will come back and play good, but I'm not sure if he can stay healthy. Add that to the fact we rotate our DL, and it makes sense for him to be our top choice. After seeing highlights of his pro day, and how he is a "swole" 300+ pounds, I'm just hoping he falls to us.


2. Connor Barwin- DE, Cincy.

We all know of the struggles of our pass rush. There has been talk of Davis starting in place of JA98 to get better rush. He may have gotten 4 sacks last year, but I dont expect him to start and end up 10+ all of the sudden this year. And again, we rotate our DL. Barwin reminds me a whole lot of Chris Long, who went #2 last year. He could give the BEERMAN a run for his money for "highest motor" on the DL. And he is versatile, which we know TD loves. He could see time @ DE, 34 LB, and even TE. And if the Hawks ever need another Forward, we could trade him for Josh Smith ;)


3. Rashad Johnson- S, Bama.

With confidence (@ least among board members <_< ) not high about Decoud, the Falcons select a "TD" guy in Johnson. He is a hard-worker who worked his way from walk-on to All-SEC. He isn't a Taylor Mays-esque athletic specimen, but plays with heart, which is the most important "skill" a player can have.


4. Cornelius Ingram- TE, Florida

The reason a TE isn't a choice on the poll is beacuse we dont have 1, unless U count Keith Zinger.... <_< Ingram is more of a Antonio Gates-type TE, but he has blocking skills and can improve in that area.


5. Jason Williams- LB, Western Illinois

I have seen his name floating around the board in this spot, and according to most people he is a "TD" guy. I personally haven't looked too much into him, but from what I have seen he is an intriguing player.


5. DeAngelo Smith- CB, Cincy

Not too many people were fond of the Mark Parson pick, so I decided to go with another choice. Mike Mickens' sidekick is a "tweener" between CB and FS, which means, of course, that he is the ultimate Cover 2 CB.... <_< But seriously, he could be a developmental guy with a lil upside and some ST ability. Hel also returned kicks.


6. Andrew Gardner- OT, Ga. Tech.

If anyone has a problem with this mock, it will probably be me waiting until the 6th to draft a OL. But I think this will work because Gardner would be a mid-round pick if he was healthy last year. He also could back-up @ Guard. If he develops completely he could make an excellent RT. And he hits pass-rushers in the face....


How do U like this one? Is it better or worse than the last 1?

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