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Mock off-season


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Free agency:

Mike Peterson OLB (We have him already) - I really like him. He got more speed than Brooking. He has played both SLB and WLB and he was a MLB. So he can teach Nicholas and maybe a guy we draft some things to help them develop into great players. A great pick for us IMO

Will Svitek OT (We have him already) - A guy that can come in and add some much needed depth on the left side on our offensive line where we doesn't have much depth with Ojinaka. Svited is a big guy that can run and pass block. TD likes depth as NE has and Svited is nice depth

Brett Romberg C (We have him already) - Romberg is again a depth signings for our offensive line and maybe a competitor a starting job. He really helped the Rams offensive line and he can also play G. Great depth for our offensive line IMO

Dre Bly CB - He has now been on the market for a long time and he must realize that he is not a CB that many people still wants to pay top dollar to. He can come in at a nice prize, and help Houston and Jackson learn and also be a reliable starter himself for 1 year or maybe two


Round 1: Brandon Pettigrew TE - I'm a big fan of Pettigrew and of our defense. I think that we have some nice talent on that roster that our FO plans to use next season and that is why we can allow us to go offense with our first pick. Pettigrew is the complete TE. Only thing he lacks is speed to be a downfield threat, but I like everything else about him. His size will create matchup problems, he is very tough to bring down and he has reliabe hands and he is a great blocker for a TE. A complete TE IMO

Round 2: Tyrone McKenzie OLB - Like him very much. Let him groom behind Mike Peterson for a year or two and then let him step in. he produced no matter where he went in college and that is to me an important factor to come in to different systems and still produce. Watched some tape with him and really saw that he is a punisher when he tackles, he has a great motor, he is a sideline to sideline LB and he may not be great in coverage but he can develop into a nice LB for us

Round 3: Lawrence Sidibury DE - Maybe he won't be here at this point cause he is rising very fast up a lot of draft boards, but if he is here we have to get him. Sidibury is a great pass rusher that reminds me a lot of our own John Abraham. He has great burst of the snap, he is athletic, he uses his speed well to shake of tackles and he can get to the QB very well. He can come in on ovious passing situations and get the QB under pressure to make him throw a bad ball. A nice pick up for IMO

Round 4: Jason Williams OLB - Saw some tape with him, and he is a nice cover LB, and he can also come in and make the tackle. He can come onto the field on passing downs and help our passing defense very well with his ability to cover.

Round 5: Sammie Lee Hill DT - We need a rotational Dt to come in and really be a run stopper. That is exactly what Hill is. He comes from a small college Stillman. He has been a force against the run. He is actually also quite athletic for a guy his size. Think that on short running downs he can be nice to have in the system.

Round 5: Ramses Barden WR - Starting to have him every mock I make. I see him as our future end zone target when Finneran is gone. Barden is as tall as Finneran, he has nice hands and I have seen that he has the ability to make the toe tap in the edge of the end zone. He will replace Finneran nicely when he is gone

Round 6: CJ Davis OT - A big kid with a nice motor. He has shown that he can run block nicely, and he can play both T positions. He needs improvement in pass protecting but he can become nice depth for the future


Marcus Thigpen PR/KR: Maybe this years Clifton Smth? Maybe not but he is the KR in this draft but he can't really do anything else to he can be a nice pickup as an UDFA for our ST

Depth Chart

QB: Ryan-Redman-Schockley

RB: Turner-Norwood-Brown

FB: Mughelli-Snelling

TE: Pettigrew-Hartsock-Peele

WR: White-Robinson-Barden

WR: Jenkins-Douglas-Finneran

LT: Baker-Svitek

LG: Blalock-Ojinaka

C: McClure-Romberg

RG: Dahl-Romberg

RT: Clabo-Davis

DE: Abraham-Biermann

DT: Lewis-Moorehead

DT: Babineaux-Hill

DE: Davis-Anderson-Sidibury

SLB: Peterson-McKenzie-Williams

MLB: Lofton-Gilbert

WLB: Nicholas-James

RCB: Houston-Hutchins

LCB: Bly-Jackson-Grimes

SS: Coleman-Fudge

FS: DeCoud


* I feel very safe with that offense and it will have great success in 09, so not much to say about our offense

* I feel that now with Trey Lewis coming back from injury and Chauncey Davis maybe starting next year I feel that our defensive line will be fine. Our LB core am I also quite safe with if Nicholas can succeed. I think that we need to give DeCoud a chance to start as our starting S. If it doesn't work out, we can get a S in next years draft which is filled with S. Such as Taylor Mays and Eric Berry

How would yall feel about that?

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I like it you realized that we need a pass rusher at DE, I dont mind BP, I would have gotten Two DT back to back instead of the WR, but i is good overall.

Thanks man

Well after some consideration I thought that it propably was right to get another pass rusher and Sidibury is one of my favorite prospects. thought about going with Corvey Irvin instead of the WR but Finneran doesn't have many years left.

But thanks for the praise :)

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