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Amazing new mock for Falcons on Walterfootball site

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I'd be thriled with Delmas in the second (though if we give DeCoud a shot, I'm cool with it cause he has mad ball skills.), but I think round one is too high for us to draft a corner. I think Chevis is gonne do a good job and we still have Von Hutchins.

butler is really good tho. would u do pick a cb if vontae davis fell to #24?

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I don't like it, not a OLB in the 1st 2 rounds. That's not going to happen. I expect to see at least 1 OLB in the 1st 2 rounds.

Maybe, maybe not. I think we got Peterson to allow us some wiggle room if the right ones don't work out. I think we will too, though because I think we'll be picking from deep positions in our drafts- that's a great way to get value late in rounds. One way or another, we need to address the front 7, though.

I'd be really really concerned if we got a CB, then a S in the first two rounds, particularly in a comparatively weak draft for each position. I expect a DT and a OLB in the first 2 rounds, with outside shots at OT and TE.

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go to the 2nd round too. don't just stop at the 1st. the 2nd makes it much better.

What is amazing would be to pass on DLinemen in FA and completely ignore the dline in the draft.

Not a good mock at all.

I got to say this, if we don't improve in applying pressure up front and get some kind of adefensive push, we will probaly need to double the secondary personnel because all contact will be 12 yards deep.

If the pressure up front is increased FIRST, the need for All Pro db's is less.

Are we prepared to stop anybody 12 yards deep in the secondary?

We need STUDS to pass rush and get a push on the dline FIRST

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For your amusement (from walterfootball.com)

2008 Atlanta Falcons Positional Rankings (1-5 stars):

Quarterbacks: 1 star. Offensive Line: 1 star. Secondary: 1 star

Running Backs: 3 stars Defensive Line: 2 stars Special Teams: 3 stars

Receivers: 2 stars Linebackers: 3 stars Coaching: 1 star.

2008 Atlanta Falcons Analysis: Since the division was created in 2002, every team that finished with the worst record of the four has claimed the NFC South the following year. That trend will come to an end in 2008.

Atlanta fans don't have much to look forward to in 2008, but the good news is that the past is behind them. There isn't much more to analyze. The Falcons stink, but they're done free falling. They can only get better from this point on.

Projection: 2-14 (4th in NFC South)

2008 Fantasy Football Rankings:

Matt Ryan: I'm not sure how much Matt Ryan is going to play as a rookie, but it shouldn't really matter in regular leagues. I wouldn't draft him too high in keeper leagues either; he has no one to throw to besides Roddy White, and he's not an elite prospect in the mold of a Carson Palmer.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Stats: 1,600 passing yards. 8 passing TDs. 100 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Points: 144.

Michael Turner: The Falcons didn't spend $34.5 million on Michael Turner so he could split carries with Jerious Norwood. He'll get the bulk of the workload, but he'll struggle with no running lanes to scamper through. Atlanta has one of the worst offensive lines in all of football.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Stats: 1,050 rushing yards. 150 receiving yards. 7 total TDs.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Points: 162.

Jerious Norwood: Jerious Norwood won't get as many opportunities to carry the ball with Michael Turner in the picture. His receptions should rise, but not enough to warrant draft consideration until the later rounds.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Stats: 400 rushing yards. 350 receiving yards. 1 total TD.

Projected 2008 Fantasy Points: 81.

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