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Stafford Pro day video

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does mayock explain why he is sold in this video?

and hes a little late on this... its not like mayock to base his analysis on a pro day versus game tape. i came to the conclusion that he was good from the tape though, so whatever.

-Mr. Offseason

I threw the sold part in there but my reasoning was not too long ago he was questioning a lot of things about Stafford and how he didn't think he should go number one. On the video he mentions how Matt throws some type of pass better than he's seen any other QB throw it to come out of college. He praised him and said he was an elite QB and he showed off the great arm but also shoed accuracy. I just took from it that H4e was now sold because he always talked like he wasn't before. Sorry if my title might have been misleading. You should check the video out though. It's impressive. He went 45 of 50 and at least two were drops. He did over throw 2 maybe 3. The rest was right on the money.

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i dont need to watch the pro-day, im sold on him going #1 already. :P

haha, i reaaaaally don't think you beat mayock to it ;)

it is the media, of course he has studied the tape, he knows more than all of us combined...fact

The question marks came after deciding not to throw at the combine, the same way MR had the ?? around him...

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