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I think Barwin will be a good 4-3 OLB


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His 40, 20 yard shuttle, 3cone, and Broad Jump drills are very impressive. It showcases his great change of direction, quick accelleration, and explosion at 250 pounds. With his experience at DE he has the ability to shed blockers and bring pressure while having fluid hips to cover TE's. It seems to me people like to place converted players at 3-4 backer because of their impressive size, but that doesnt always have to be the case.. He could play DE on some pass rush packages, and would have a year to learn under Peterson.If his stock rises to 1st round status, I would trade down to later in the 1st or the very beginning of the 2nd and get him while picking up a 3rd.. He and Curry's numbers are very similar

Connor Barwin

6-4 254




20 yard shuttle:4.18

3 cone drill:6.87

Vertical: 40 1/2

Broad Jump: 10'08"

Arron Curry

6-2 254




20 yard shuttle:4.54

3 cone drill:6.84


Broad Jump:10'04"

B. Cushing

6-3 243




20 yard shuttle:4.22

3 cone drill:6.84


Broad Jump:10'00"





20 yard shuttle:4.28

3 cone drill:7.31


Broad Jump:09'00"

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Out of all those stats is vertical is really impressive to me I saw him on the combine highlights and just looks like a real keeper.

His versitility would be a huge plus playing OLB and DE depending on the situation and the scheme we choose to use he is going to be a special player that guy.

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If we draft Barwin, you won't hear me complaining :D. The guy is a beast and can play several positions. Most of them are positions of need such a DE, OLB, and even TE!

TD covets versatility, but the way this guy is sky-rocketing up the draft boards, I'm not sure that he'll still be on the board.

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