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Should We Finish the offense?


Do we finish the offense?  

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I say Yes. I could really see us using our 1st or 2nd rounder on a RT and our 3rd or 4th on a TE.

I know it seems like we were very good on offense and we were, but if we finish it this year, we would be in a great position to have one of the most young and explosive offenses in the league.

This is one of the Deepest classes for OT's and TE's and giving Matt Ryan two more young contributors on offense, would just accelerate our growth. I know we need defense, but we have a lot of questionable guys that could be the answer at a number of positions.

If we finish the offense off, we will be able to use the rest of the 2009 draft and almost the ENTIRE 2010 draft on defense if need be.

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Only if it's both best value and something we could really use on offense. I think we have more needs on the defensive side of the ball and looking at the board I think there are more guys who make sense in the 20s in terms of value on defense. However hypotetically if there was an OT who we looked at and said this guy is better than the defensive players on the board we'd take them but I don't see it happening.

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Ask yourself what philosophy Mike Smith brought with him when he came here and you'll know the answer to this question.

We are not a Super Bowl Caliber team.... Offensively or Defensively. I watched our Line get manhandled by the better teams in the league and our entire TE group had only 19 catches. See Clabo and Dahl with tenders instead of long-term contracts.

I know Mike Smith is a defensive minded coach, but we could create ourselves a "Super Bowl" Caliber offense with no major Holes. The ONLY reason why I would want this is because of what Thomas DeCoud, Chevis Jackson, Stephen Nicholas, Mike Peterson, and Trey Lewis can give to us. Even if it's a "one year fix", these guys are pretty talented and should be given a shot.

If we trade out of the 1st and pick up extra picks, We would be in a great position to do this, but I could also see it if we didn't. We are SOOO close.... why stop now? It's not like we are a legitimate contender yet. We are good, but just not "Super Bowl" Good yet.

I personally, would rather a guy like Sean Weatherspoon next year than Clay Matthews this year. This draft is strong in the areas that we need on offense and I feel we should take advantage of that.

Sure I want to compete now, but if we can lay the ground work for a top 5 offense by getting a RT and a TE this year, I am all for it. Drafting just Defense seems like the right thing, but because we have all of those weapons on offense, we can create a monster by getting a better pass blocking RT and TE.

If we were about to contend for a Championship, I would say go Defense all the way, but because of all the pieces we lost, I feel we might take a step back as a team no matter what Defensive players we draft. Use TWO picks on offense and the rest on Defense.

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i love the idea of getting fenuki tupou, ot, oregon in the 3rd if he is there. i think he will be the real deal at RT for us. but i dont really want to grab a TE that badly in this draft. id rather add more depth to the defense. i just dont think a TE in the 3rd or 4th round is going to come in and "complete our offense". maybe with a year or two of development, but certainly not right away.

-Mr. Offseason

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Based Solely upon your including T E as a completion player.


Depth the OT with the first or second round pick and the O Line is in fact Complete.

Next year we target TE and WR.

WR? really... ok let me break it down

Jenks: Extended, v good #2 receiver

Roddy: will get resigned, pro bowl

HD: Shone as a rookie, will play out contract

Laurent: Really, really good player, unlucky so far with injuries

Finn: Great 3rd downer, top 20 in the league in 3rd down situations....

5 v good receivers, 4 of them very young, finn very cheap, no thanks to WRs

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