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One day after calling out US fans Youkilis out of WBC


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Chalk up another injury to the World Baseball Classic.

Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis is out of the Classic due to a sprained left ankle and has returned to Boston's camp in Fort Myers, Florida.

Adam Dunn will start at first base on Wednesday for Team USA, which has already lost third baseman Chipper Jones, second baseman Dustin Pedroia and reliever Matt Lindstrom to injury. Outfielder Ryan Braun is experiencing tightness in his rib cage, but remains with the team.

Youkilis' injury puts the team in a bind because the Nats don't want Dunn playing first base, Team USA manager Davey Johnson said.

Mike Rizzo, the Nationals' acting GM, told FOXSports.com he was never asked about Dunn playing first base and is not opposed to the idea. The Nationals' previous GM, Jim Bowden, resigned last month.

"I would say if Team USA needs him to play first base, then play first (base)," Rizzo said. "I have no objection for him to do it. None whatsoever."

When the Nationals signed Dunn as a free agent, they said they intended him to play either left field or first base, depending upon on the health of first baseman Nick Johnson.

"I don't even know where I'm playing with the Nationals," Dunn said before Wednesday's game. "I have no idea. It's not like I'm playing shortstop. I've played there (first base) before."

Dunn went on to jokingly compare himself to Omar Vizquel.

"That's the only I person I could compare my hands to," he said. "At first (base), you just have to knock it down. It's like being a hockey goalie."

Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee is the only other first baseman on the provisional roster, but he's unavailable due to knee issues.

Team USA plays Venezuela on Wednesday night to determine the Pool 2 winner. Both teams have already advanced to the semifinals in Los Angeles next weekend.

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