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The Secondary in the draft


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I help coach at a middle school and a high school in montana. I had the privledge of chatting with Jim McElwain from the university of Alabama about a couple of college players. He was at our coaches clinic two weeks ago. Players he coached against or that he saw in practice. The two in particular I asked about was FS Rashard Anderson from Alabama and Sean Smith of Utah.

He talked about Rahsard being a very smart football player. He was nice enough to share insight first hand. He said he could easily be a FS in a cover 2 or a zone scheme. He told me Sean Smith's hips were tight for a corner but, he was strong and very fast. Make a great press techinque corner in a zone scheme. He may have a probelm covering real, quick or agile slot recievers. He is great on the outside and can be used as a blitzer.

He also noted during his talk, "That was great to kick the **** out of Petrino over in Arkansas." He got major props for that. Let me know what anyone else thinks of those two players.

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I would live to have Rashard Johnson at safety. Dude can flat out play. He is a bit small but I think he can add a few pounds and be alright.

He is currently 5'11 200 if he can add 5lbs with out losing speed he would be a great pick up hopefully he will still be there in 3rd if we really want him he will definitely be there in the 2nd. I do think that he wont start the first year, because we will go with Decoud at FS and Coleman at SS.

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