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Michigan DT wows scouts

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Michigan DT wows scouts

University of Michigan strongman defensive tackle Will Johnson flexed his muscles at his campus Pro Day in a performance reminiscent of weightlifters Hans and Franz of old Saturday Night Live fame. Johnson bench pressed 225 pounds a staggering 47 times, according to Gil Brandt of NFL.com. It's believed to be a record for an incoming NFL draft prospect, according to NFL Draft Scout. The 6-foot-4, 281-pound defensive lineman ran the 40-yard dash in 5.07 and 5.1 seconds, had a 9-4 broad jump, a 4.61 time in the short shuttle and a 7.5 in the three-cone drill.


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6'4" 280 is vastly undersized.

Jonathan Babineaux is 6'2" 284 lbs! He'd be good at LE but he isn't too small to stay at DT. The fact that we've got Babs means that this guy is probably not on our list, but 47 is impressive.

What's more impressive:

Houston doing 27 reps


This guy's 47 reps?

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Anybody remember that guy that everyone here hyped up two years ago (i think)? He was like 400 pounds and could do a backflip and wowed the media. They called him the "flipping hippo" :lol: Everyone here was PISSED when got signed by New Orleans and said we can kiss our QB goodbye because noone would be able to stop him.

Then New Orleans ended up dropping him before camp when he came in completely out of shape. :rolleyes:

I wonder what happened to that dude.

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