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Possible O-Linemen later in the draft?

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6'7" 356lbs. 21 reps. 36 1/2" arms. "Slimmed down" :lol: to 356 from 364 to prove he can play RT in addiction to OG.

Strengths: Has great size and big upside. Very strong. Long arms and solid athleticism. Looks like a great run blocker.

Weaknesses: Plays inconsistently. Needs to develop footwork more.

Herman Johnson

I think that he was more in the 370 range, i heard on NFL network last night that he lost like 20+lbs

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He is kind of weak. Only 21 reps?? at 360+ he should be putting it up at least 30 times.

I would take him in the 3rd, but I am pretty sure that he won't last that long.

Actually he could fall to us, but we have depth at Guard.

I would rather a LT in the second to third at the latest.

Dont get me wrong, I love the Jumbo Package, but we

get that player in 2010.

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having long arms probably has a little to do with it...

yea it really does, im a personal trainer as my profession, and being 6ft4 having the long arms i have, it is a large expectation difference in relative lifting ability. bodyweight bench pressing is tough enough for most with long arms, simple physics really

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