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Hot or Not


Hot or Not  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Kat Dennings?

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ABF BOTY Rejects Week continues in Hot or Not with Kat Dennings. She was entered into this contest by Dem Birds and actually received 10 votes against Halle Berry. She was ultimately destroyed and that's why she's here. I leave it to you good people do decide is she *everyone say it at once* Hot....or...Not *music plays*


In yesterday's return of the series, Vida made a mockery of the entire thread by earning a resounding Hot vote.

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I still cant decide if shes ugly or not. In some pics (professional photography or movie screencaps) she looks pretty good. When she strays away from that goth look, she also looks pretty good. Then there are the red carpet pics and others where she looks like a corpse with a lopsided face. Also, her weight fluctuates alot in her pics. Dont know if its just what shes wearing or not.


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