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We are reportedly out of the bidding for L.J. Smith.


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The Falcons are reportedly out of the bidding for free agent L.J. Smith.

The Lions now appear to be the frontrunners for Smith, whose market value must be declining.

The Eagles never showed interest in bringing him back.

Rotoworld,com LINK

Thank you TD, This yr's draft is deep w/ TE talent - Why do we ever doubt you?

Simply put - LJ & his game belong in Detroit.

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i'm glad they looked at him, but if he and his agent had an over inflated value of his worth, then i'm glad we passed. i'm very proud of dimitroff, because he did not allow the sports agent's to play him like a violin. i honestly think beckum is the exact same player except with better hands. i despise recievers with bad hands. catching the ball is kind of the biggest part of being a RECIEVER. thats one reason i hated milner and never would have drafted him and why i dont much care for shawn nelson either.

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I agree, whatever TD does i trust in, i may not agree all the time but thats why i do what i do and he does what he does. lol

good pass on this one like you guys said probably a big price tag and i am sure they can find a te in the draft this year.


i totally agree with what your saying.

i just hope we dont spend our first round pick on a tight end.

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