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Phillies send Hamels back to Philadelphia


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TAMPA, Fla. -- World Series MVP Cole Hamels was scheduled to have his pitching elbow examined Tuesday in Philadelphia by Phillies team physician Dr. Michael Ciccotti.

The Phillies currently don't think the discomfort Hamels has experienced in his left elbow is serious. The team said there is no pain, but that Hamels has had tightness at times between innings.

Hamels signed a $20.5 million, three-year contract during the offseason. After going 14-10 in the regular season last year, he went 4-0 with a 1.80 ERA in the postseason as the Phillies won the World Series.

The left-hander last pitched on Sunday, throwing four innings in a minor league game.

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That would be a devastating loss for the Phillies if it turns out to be anything serious (and my fantasy team, but that's doesn't matter). Their pitching staff isn't strong to begin with and if you take Hamels out of it, it would be terrible. The Braves' are in a great position with the amount of quality starting pitchers they have. We can survive an injury or two in the rotation and not lose to much, whereas the Mets and Phillies would nosedive if they lost Santana or Hamels.

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