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Three openings in fff.com's dynasty league

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last yr was my first yr playing ff, i was doing it at nfl .com, only 3 showed for our draft the others were auto pick , heres who i had


P Rivers

K Warner


M Turner

B Westbrook

T Jones

M Forte


R White

S Smith

H Ward

V Jackson (added later on)


G Olsen (TE wasnt good for me tried adding A Fasaino and lj smith nothing was working for me at that postion)


Giants (used Falcon D when Giants had a bye, we played Philly that week and i didnt start westbrook and he had his best game :( )

all in all i did well and lost in the Championship game my qbs Rocked actualy i was first in most all Offensive cats. in my league but still lost some games TE really hurt me in my game loses.

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Hey guys, we're about 10 days away from our rookie drafts in all three divisions. This is where we unexpectedly need a new owner, maybe more. If you're still interested, please post to this thread, or PM me.


I'm in. PM me what I need to do.

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You definitely want to get in on this league. Not only are there cash prizes for the season but I won an authentic Falcons jersey of my choice with the NCAA tourney brackets! A better free league simply doesn't exist...

he speaks the truth

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I've sent a pm before, but the last 2 times i've seen this come up I just replied in the thread. That's what he asked for us to do. /shrug

I would just PM him to make sure. He may not have checked back with the thread. Good luck.

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I sent an email about 2 weeks ago about you removing me from the league without any warning, email or nothing, im sending the email to everyone to see if for some reason you are not checking your email or not logging in if it can become a post on the new league. I took my participation in the league seriously and do not believe I should be removed because I did not log in for 30 days. There haven’t been any new posts on the league for the past 30 days and after the draft is a down period for NFL period…I did not log in because everytime I did I would be the only one. Look at the log-in records (if you can) and you can see for yourself.

I would like to continue managing my team as I made quality moves last year after taking over a team that had so many losses to have a good chance at being competitive this year.

Please reconsider.



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