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2009 Offseason

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Free Agency

We picked up Mike Peterson, Brett Rhomberg, and now LJ Smith. Peterson brings us veteran leadership and he still has abilities to contribute on our defense. Brett Rhomberg is strictly a depth player and Smith is an upgrade over what we currently have at our TE spot. He can stretch the defense and he can just warm the seat for Jermaine Gresham next year.

Darren Sharper, we should sign him to a 2yr deal and let him take over the SS spot. Coleman was good at SS and we shouldnt change that. Let Decoud back up FS for another year and excel on special teams. Sharper is an aging ballhawk but its an upgrade.

Paul Spicer, veteran DE who can still rush the passer. We need to add depth to our DLine and God forbid Abe goes down we're looking at Davis and Anderson. That will give us four good DE's and Bierman bringing his versatility with his speed rush.

Kevin Burnett, former Cowboy who was selected in the 2nd round a few years back. Was placed in the wrong scheme and he would excel in our Cover 2 system because of his ability to cover the field. He would bring good depth and eventually could challenge for a starting spot at strongside linebacker.


2009 Draft


Trade our 1st round pick and 2009 5th round pick to MIA for both of their second round picks - 44th & 56th and 2010 5th round pick

1st selection (44) - Alphonso Smith -- In my opinion the most complete cornerback in the draft. Would come in immediately and make an impact at the nickelback position. Could easily get 3-5 picks as a rookie. In a couple years he will be a starter and a future pro-bowler.

2nd selection (55) - Rashad Johnson -- Good young free safety. He's a playmaker and a ballhawk in the defensive backfield. Played in Nick Saban's system which is pretty complicated and the Falcons need some playmakers.

3rd selection (56) - Fli Moala -- Once considered to be the overall #1 pick, but he was overhyped. He's still a good player who has the potential to become a force in our league. Place him behind Trey Lewis and put in him the rotation. Run Stuffer.

4th selection (90) - Marcus Freeman -- Overshadowed by his teammates but will eventually become a better player. Very versatile in which he can play all linebacker positions. In his 2nd or 3rd year he should be a starter. Very reliable tackler who can easily reach 100+ tackles a year and he excels in the ability to drop back in coverage.

5th selection(4th round) - Cornelius Lewis -- OG/OT, very powerful who has the ability to play tackle or slide inside to guard. Played in a power scheme in college and could bring depth to our offensive line.

6th selection(5th round) - Kaluka Maiava -- the "other" USC linebacker. Great work ethic and could bring excellent special teams ability to our team. Good depth at the olb position and he's one of my favorite draftees.

7th selection(6th round) - Marcus Thigpen -- Kick Returner, who can be used in trick plays because of his open field ability. Could blossom into an all pro special teamer.

Tell me what yall think...

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LJ hasn't signed yet. I know he says he chooses Atlanta but I haven't heard we choose him yet. We can't count our chickens befor ethey hatch or something like that. I hope we do but I haven't heard that we even have offered him a contract yet.

I agree with the fact we should sign Sharper and Spicer. If we sign them we pretty much would be free to draft any position in the draft.

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Wow I'm not feeling your logic 2 secondary players with our 1st 2 picks and yet we ranked 28th outta 32 against the run.Nah we got to get depth at DT and OLB I believe we have to address these 2 before anywhere else.

Also by drafting CB and SS who are we cutting or is there a trade that your thinking about because our roster is loaded with DBs..

Also I think Marcus Freeman will go in the 3rd not the 4th.

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