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Congratulations to ABF Beauty of the Year....


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Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Co-Beauties of the Year.

Now here is why I've made this decision. It became obvious that in the waning minutes of the championship, people were creating multiple accounts to stuff votes. Now I can't quite understand how this became so important that people felt that they needed to cheat. It's really nowhere near that serious. Now I noticed earlier today that Alba seemed to jump up several votes rather quickly and the same happened in the end. I realize Alba was leading when **** went nuts but I can't give the title to her alone because I don't know that some of the votes she got were legit and others weren't. Conversely, I can't give it to Biel because it's obvious cheating was involved. But I can't deny her a slice because many did vote once for her and she did after all end up with the most votes at 1 a.m.

I think it's sad that something fun like this could get ruined the way it did. I hope whoever felt the need to create multiple accounts finds a life. You need one. This was just a game.

Anyway, congrats to the ladies and other than this anticlimactic end, I had a blast. Thanks to all of you who voted.

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I had fun, looking forward to the next contest! I thought it was going to come down to Ford vs. Biel personally! You guys should have realized earlier that there was some MAJOR cheating going on (I even pointed it out (so did others)). To the people that DID game the system, shame on you!! It's was not that serious! Basically, fellas sitting around shooting the breeze over women! Yes, it was THAT simple!!!

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