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Poll Time People!


Which would you rather have???  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Either....

    • All inclusive 7 day Caribbean cruise with an ATL cheerleader of your choice...
    • Two tickets to the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl next year....
    • Check here if ur married... this post need not apply 2 u.
    • 4 the ladies Falcon player of ur choice...

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My girlfriend looks pretty hot in the Falcons stuff I bought for her, so I'm going with 2. Besides, I've been down the cheerleader/ homecoming queen road before. Way too high maintenance.

Superbowl is a once in a lifetime experience, especially if the Falcons are in it.

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Ill take the 7 day cruise, but with a girl of MY choice, not a Falcons cheerleader. Those type of high maintenance girls that want to be looked at all the time would drive me nuts.

ditto. what this guy says.... plus your poll says nothing about whether or not the falcons are in the superbowl. I mean why would I pass on the week w/ the girl to go watch some other team remind me of us losing. And if the Falcons DO go to the super bowl-then there's no need for fantasy, I'm getting my *** there!

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I chose Option #2 with tickets to the NFC Championship and SuperBowl - hopefully for one reason because the Falcons would be there.

Option #1 - Also, I am married (to a woman :) ) and have three great kids - all very young. So, while it would be very fun to go on a 7 day cruise with a beautiful young Falcons cheerleader - it also would be morally wrong and would cost me 50% of everything that I have - "It's cheaper to keep her!" goes the saying........but seriously, I love my wife so that is a big "NO".

Option #3 - well yes, I am married but what is the fun in selecting that one.

Option #4 - well I am a guy and I am straight - and married. But if I was a girl, I would definitely choose MATT RYAN! :)

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