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Police: Son pleasures himself, then punches mom


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DADE CITY -- It all started about 7 p.m. Tuesday, authorities said, when a mother looked outside and saw her 19-year-old son masturbating in the back yard.

The mother yelled. The son, Antwan L. Grandberry, 19, walked around to the front of the house on 13th Street in Dade City and rang the doorbell, according to a Dade City Police report. The mother answered and began cursing and yelling at Grandberry, who then punched his mother in her face, the report said.

Grandberry, who is listed as unemployed, was arrested on a domestic battery charge and is being held in the Land O'Lakes jail in lieu of $500 bail.


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I kinda feel bad for him.. it just gets worse and worse for the guy... first he gets caught by his MOM and doesnt finish ( i assume) . then he is embarrassed and fights with her. then he hits her... then he gets arrested. now he is national news....

how many punch lines will come from this one!?! :lol: :lol: (i liked the 2 beatings in one day mentioned above :lol: :lol: )

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LAND O LAKES jail? :lol:

It's bad enough for your mom to catch ya whacking. but then to punch her and go to Land O Lakes lockdown?

Notice this happened on the week of the ABF hot chick tourney? Lawd look what ya'll done!!!

As Shaud would say.....SMH.

caught that about the Land O'Lakes jail too, eh?? Just think, if he would've actually been buttering a muffin, he might not be where he is now... :unsure:

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Somehow I get the feeling he's tried at one point or another. :D

He sounds as if he should have his own cage at the zoo, slinging his poo at people.

What you trying to say? Are you saying that, just cause he is black? You trying to imply that just because he is black he is a monkey? There you go again trying to say all black people belong in cages and shackles. THAT'S RACIST!!!! :lol:

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