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1. Brandon Pettigrew, TE, OK State. (best Tight End coming out of the draft since Vernon Davis, regardless of his slow forty).

2. Herman Johnson, Guard, LSU. (up to over 380 pounds, think Leonard Davis X2).

3. Fili Moala, DT, USC. (projected first overall a year ago.)

4. Nic Harris, OLB, Oklahoma. (Free Safety turned backer, beastly.)

5. Courtney Green, SS, Rutgers

5. Brandon Hughes, CB, Oregon State (All Pac-10 2nd conference even with a hamstring injury slowing him down.)

6. Brian McCain, CB, Utah (4.33 forty yard dash!).

undrafted FA pickups: Stryker Sulak, DE from Mizzou. Chase Daniel, QB from Mizzou.

i think I just threw up a little in my mouth after seeing this mock

BTW this is my 1000th post!!!

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my 6 away from 3,000 > your 1,000, and I was just posting an example mock. Although Pettigrew, Johnson, and Moala are on my radar.

And your 3000 posts mean what? I wasn't bragging about 1000, I just looked down and saw it....

example or not, I do like any of those three players for the Falcons as our 1st three picks. Not saying they can't be good players on other teams.

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