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we pick up Freddy Keiaho in FA. He was a 2year starter but the fact that he plays in a scheme that only a few run could put us in a favorable position. He also plays all LB positions.He would be a good choice because Wire and Peterson only have 2 year deals. I say we wait another week and sign him to a 4yr 7-9mill deal. If we could get one or 2 more LB's in the draft(OLB,MLB) we will be good. I also wouldnt mind picking up one of the vet CB's like Ken Lucas, Chris Carr or Justin Miller(Explosive Return man)

I hope we dont go LB too early. I like Ellerbe, Brinkley, and J.Williams. Both can be had between the 3rd and 5th

If we could trade down to the early second and pick up a 3rd I would be ecstatic.

2:Evander Hood (A complete DT. Good vs run and pass)

2:Pat Chung (Has been compared to Bob Sanders. Can play either S spot)

3:Danelle Ellerbe (Plays all LB positions. Good in coverage)

3:Sammie Lee Hill (Steal of the draft. Hamilton will smoothe out the ruff edges)

4:Andrew Gardner (The most underated LT/RT in the draft)

5:Cornelius Ingram (His injury screwed his draft stock.)

5:Jasper Brinkley (Was a dominate player in the SEC. His injury screwed him as well)

6:Derick Walker (Has a knack for getting to the ball 6 sacks isnt bad for a LE)

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