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Draft Andre Smith

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One of the best movies that depicted Reality when it comes to

Players and what Coaches are looking for in players, it

the Ernie Davis story (Elmira Express)

Pay attention to the segment in the early part of the movie where the

Coach is reviewing the scouting film on the HS players.

I would not let Andre on my field for a walk on tryout.

He is Unmotivated.

He is Disrespectful.

If he pans out to be a Great Player in the NFL, then fine.

Just not here.

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That's what you want in a draft pick.

A guy with a questionable work ethic in the NFL.

The SEC is a great conference but it's NOTHING compared to the NFL.

In the SEC you probabaly had one or two guys that could fly by him and maybe one other guy that could outpower him.

In the NFL you've got quite a few guys that can do BOTH.... like John Abraham.... and they bust their butt in order to do it.

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Haven't seen the comparison yet so I'll do it.

Andre Smith is similar to Jimmy Williams. All the talent in the world, but the determination and work ethic just isn't there. That being said I still think he is taken in the first but to a team in the later part of the first. Think from 20 on.

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