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Who's your nba mvp?


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  1. 1. who is this years mvp?

    • Dwayne Wade
    • Lebron James
    • Kobe Bryant

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If the Heat keep winning, that means Dwayne Wade is the reason. He's clearly the most valuable player on that team, and he's carrying that team on his back.

I agree DeWayne Wade is going crazy right now.

Based on what I think is an MVP I'd give it to Wade. But based on how MVP's have been picked historically you have to give it to Lebron.

And smh at the complete disregard of Chris Paul.

Yeah I would vote for Chris Paul, he is putting in work down there in the N.O.

Who deserves it? CP

Who will get it? I don't wanna talk about it right now, I just hope that little whiny ***** doesn't get a ring

WOW your hate knows know end, let it go man just let it go.

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you think?

maybe 12 is pushing it but they are no where near .500

they are a 500 team in the east without LBJ

they have a lot of talent on that team now. Mo Williams is a stud, Delonte, Boobie, Z, Varajaio

they arent the Cavs of old anymore, plus remember outside if Bos & maybe Det without Iverson & Orlando who is tough?? Mia maybe with Wade otherwise the Cavs could beat everyone else in the east.

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