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who else thinks we need one more significant F/A signing before the draft?

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LJ Smith could be a good pick up for us, so long as he steays healthy, all i hear about this guy these days is injury concerns. TE doesn't seem to be too important to our O anyway

I don't know if Shaffer would fit in our scheme, we had a different scheme and coach now to when he was here before.

Darren Sharper is just too old, might as well have kept Milloy

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No names but just positions

1. A DT (NT type) now there is only T. Lewis, J. Jefferson, and possibly T. Myles at that position. They need another vet here or a very high draft choice.

2. LB there are only 6 now with basically 2 vets I would like to see another FA vet added here (this could wait until post draft or preseason)

3. SS Now there is Fudge, Harris, & Breck only, and I know that there is talk about Coleman or DeCoud moving from FS to SS but a SS by FA or a very high draft choice is needed here.

4. OT at Left OT there is Baker and Ojinnaka and Right OT there is Clabo, Sivtek(maybe), and Butterworth DEPTH is really needed at OT. ( I see Foster at the backup Guard slot behind Dahl))

5. Of lesser priority is TE if they can get a FA vet, good, the team usually keeps 3 TEs and I believer there are some TEs available that at least would be an upgrade over Rader..

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SS-Darren Sharper

OT-Kevin Shaffer

TE-LJ Smith

thats my short list. signing one of these guys helps fill one more void that probably wont get done in the draft.

Also I would like Ken Lucas. He could provide veteran leadership for our young cornerbacks. Also he could give us insight to Carolina offense and defensive philosphies and plays.

Also trade a 3rd rounder to Jacksonville for John Henderson or 3r and 6th. That would shore up our DT situation.

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