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NFC South prize freeze down south

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There's a (price) freeze down South

March 12, 2009 1:19 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

It's now official. Every team in the NFC South will freeze at least some of their season-ticket prices at 2008 levels for 2009.

The Carolina Panthers completed the trend, announcing they'll keep prices the same as last year. The Falcons, Saints and Bucs already have made similar moves. In each case, the teams have cited the current economy as a reason and commissioner Roger Goodell previously told all teams that increasing ticket costs might price some fans out of the market.

The Bucs, who drew criticism for raising ticket prices in 2008, previously announced there will be no increase this year.

The Falcons also announced they would freeze prices on about 43,000 seats. The team also offered a discount (up to 29 percent for season-ticket holders who renewed early) and a plan in which payments could be spread out over a monthly basis. The Falcons are the only division team that didn't freeze prices across the board. The pricing on some of their premium seats will increase.

The Saints announced back in November that they would freeze ticket prices and team owner Tom Benson also said parking prices would remain the same as 2008 levels. Benson also has asked concession stands at the Superdome to freeze their prices. The Saints also offered a new payment plan in which tickets could be paid for in three installments, instead of two, which had been the system in recent years.

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