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About those pesky Vikings fans...


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Well folks the time is here. The long anticipated and highly recommended rewiew from that ATL @ MIN game we all loved to watch. I hear a lot of people talking about how the Vikings fans came here and trolled like crazy. Well they got what they had comin to em..

If you don't recall it because you have alheimers, then please take 4:30 to watch a quick video...

ATL 24 MIN 17

I live in SD so we drove up saturday to Minneapolis abt 6 hours thru blizzard conditions passed abt 30 cars in the ditch. There were a TON of Vikings fans at this game. Very little Falcons fans. I tried to meet up with some but I unfortunately was too busy drinking myself retarted. At the game we sat 12th row, 40 yd line behind our bench. I loved it. ###k the Vikings and their fans. The whole game they were silent. I tried to pump them up, but they just sat told me to f off and didnt say ###t. Very good time very nice atmosphere. Even my roomate who was with me who is a Vikes fan was disgusted with the fans' basic non existence during the entire game. (they were loud at times but very seldomly.) Vikes fans are #$%$#%^$ and I pray they come to our boards again!! Here are some pics a friend and fellow fan took at the game...


B Finn was givin us some autographs, got my hat signed.






p.s. we ran over to the tunnel, where the Falcons went to the locker room, at about the 2 minute mark. This location is notorious for when Vick slapped someones hand at the end of his TD run in OT (you all know where it is). All the Falcons players had GREAT attitudes. Just look at Matt's face!!!! The emotion he expressed when he entered the locker room is unexplainable.





My buddy somehow got to where the bus loads and was taking pictures of the players... apparently the police don't like that and kicked him out... not before he snapped some pics.

Lets bring one home this year folks. B)

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Guest James H.

I remember standing in that line for a hour, waiting to get through security with frigid air and truck exhaust pumping down the tunnel... The only thing that kept it from being completely miserable was watching Coach Musgrave throughout the incident. I don't think we stopped laughing about it till the plane was in the air.

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Omy don't get me started on that game. Me and my girlfriend drove up to that from southeastern iowa. I thought we were going to die. It was so hard to drive in that weather. She had the wheel like turned to the right the whole way. and every time you would go over a bridge and come off the otherside our car woukd shake all over. But anyways i got tons of pictures from it too ill have to put some on here. If you were down by the tunnel before the game i was probably standing right by you at some point. My girlfriend almost hat harry douglas' autograph on a hat for me, but this punk kid woudnt give her his marker like he promised. So she cussed him out. It was hilarious!!! By the way Vikings fans are idiots. I was in the restroom before the game and this idiot yells at my ATLANTA FALCONS F-ING SUCK!!! so i steped back zipped up my pants and replied FU*K off!!!! Then that stupid horn they have. god thats terrible. That game was a blowout, then they made it interesting. Thank god we got the win though. Hey by the way did anyone go to that bar accross the street of the metro dome??? That place was filled shoulder to shoulder with purple and yellow. It was NAsty.

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Very funny post. Two of my close neighbors are big time football fans. One is a Steeler fan and one is a Bears fan. In the last few years they both went to the Pitt and Chicago games here at the Dome. Before the games they were real freakin cocky but each time they came home with their tails between their legs. The Steelers are lucky they did not play us last year. Even though they won the SB they were not that great of a team.

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Here's a good story from that game....

As I walked the corridors thru the Metrodome everytime I saw someone with red on, i called them a traitor to their beloved vikings. I was definitly getting on ppls nerves. :)

well needless to say, as i waited in line for concessions, there was a vikings fan next to me with purple everything. pants shoes shirt gloves u name it. except he had on a giant red and black winter coat. pretty nice one too, i nagged him so bad for it he threw it away!!!! he just took it off and threw it in the garbage can!!!! i couldnt stop laughing trust me....

also after the game, i stood on top of one of those 4 foot high concrete pillars flapping my wings in celebration as all the vikings fans filed out.... some girl tried to push me off, and she missed, slipped, and humiliated herself in front of her fellow fans.

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