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The beginning of the REAL World Series

The Snellvillain

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I just can't understand why the WBC isn't the hottest thing in professional sports...it's determines a REAL world champion, not just some moniker given to an American sports team who plays other American sports team in a "World Championship" game.

I think the World Baseball Classic is literally the coolest thing to ever be done in sports, and find it insane that it isn't given a huge amount of promotion in the US. The best players from all over the world clash to determine who the best on the planet is, and nobody in the country that claims baseball as its "national pastime" even gives a ****.

Shame on everybody in the media for downing the WBC, especially ESPN and all of their nonsense about "Oh well it's interfering with MLB spring training!"

Who gives a **** about spring training when the greatest players in the world are fighting it out for their countries and the game they love.

People should care about this a lot more than they do.

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