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D-hall to patriots?


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Robinson was franchised a few days ago.

I almost wish Hall would play in the NFC South. He would cost loads of money, and would suck.

yea jenkins had a great game against him could you imagine facing him 2 times a yr... i would love that...

i could also see hall going to the mean machine.. i mean dallas cowboys lol

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Per Espn insider The Pats still classify Hall as a shutdown corner and he is their top target heading into free agency.

In other insider news Haynesworth is high on the giants radar as well as redskins and is quoted in saying it's not only

about the money but also about proving to his coaches, teamates, and fans that he is worth every bit the money he gets. Rex Grossman is

also linked with detroit as possible culpepper backup. Guess stafford won't be top pick after all.

the pats are idiots if they think d hall is a shutdown corner..

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a few things here:

1- he was always giving up big plays while with the falcons, oakland, washington, and who ever else signs him

2- its always the scheme... never the player lol

3- shutdown CB hall could not even shutdown his mouth much less a WR


if hall goes to the pats i could see them turning trash into treasure

A few things here:

1- What CB or D player doesn't let up a big play/s ?

2- Randy Moss did horrible in OAK, look at him in NE. Schemes have alot to do with it. Look at Vilma also.

3- How can you stay quite when your coach is Bobby Petrino.

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