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Official AFMB Fantasy Baseball Draft thread

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Here is a quick recap of round 1.

1) WTA - Swingerz - Hanley Ramirez, SS, FLA

2) SacFalcFan - Dawgs Rulz - Alex Rodriguez, 3B, NYY

3) Goodoleboy58 - Goodoleboy - Albert Pujols, 1B, STL (Traded to H-Town Bombers)

4) Waterproof_ace83 - Buffalo Bills - David Wright, 3B, NYM

5) Pick 6 - Change we Need - Jose Reyes, SS, NYM

6) Falconsfan567 - H-Town Bombers - Miguel Cabrera, 1B/3B, DET (Traded to Goodoleboy)

7) Mookie3127 - Cuban Raft Riders - Ryan Braun, OF, MIL

8) Unkn0wn22 - Crazies - Ryan Howard, 1B, PHI

9) Capologist - Cappy's Gloryhounds - Grady Sizemore, OF, CLE

10) Uga_dog1 - Team Jojo - Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phi

11) EddieK - Matty Ice - Josh Hamilton, OF, TEX

12) Jgator - Gator Mafia

Okay Jgator. Time to make 2 picks.

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Boy am I regretting trading that 3rd round pick now. Ouch! There are 3 players I really, really, really want right here and it's tough to decide. Do I pick SP, 2B or C? I don't know exactly what positions are more valued than others.

There isn't an exact formula, but at this point I go with the best player available. When you're looking at positions try to project who will be there at your next pick, if you see a significant drop in one position that might be the way to go too.

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Okay this is probably a little early for his position but with me not having another pick till the 4th round the H-Town Bombers are picking Brian McCann, C, Braves. I don't want to miss out on the best hitting catcher in baseball because outside of him, Joe Mauer, Russell Martin, Geovany Soto and Victor Martinez I think there is a huge dropoff.

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Sac is on the clock. He's on now, hopefully he makes his pick soon

Yep...I hope so. Then I hope I get to pick tonight, though highly unlikely. Mainly due to a volunteer project I signed up for tomorrow and I'll be out in mother nature for 12 hours. And I can't seem to log on with my Blackberry to AF.com.

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well feel free to PM picks if you need to.

That'll work if it's close to my pick. If not, I'd have to make up a list of a few players and I'd have to research them tonight. Waterproof has my cell# so I'll just see who has been picked when I leave in the morning and hopefully I can get texted who's been picked ahead of me.

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