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Drug testing for students


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Depends on which college you go to. Any "A" list school will NOT likely accept a GED. If you drop out of school and get a GED, it's not the same as a diploma (even though that's not worth much anymore :) )

But anyhoo, here's the dilemma. Most of the people on here who are against it are either still in school or using some form of drug or both. Therefore I understand why you would NOT want this to happen. Look 20 years down the road when you may have kids in high school, then you can see the "other" side of things a little more clearer.

Also to the poster who quoted me saying "BE A PARENT" and that the shool should not be. You're right! That's why I said let the PARENTS VOTE on it. IF that were to happen, then there ya go! CONSENT to do so, right? RIGHT!

I know numerous people who are alcoholics and either smoke cigarettes or pot (usually both). I don't judge them for what they do. I personally have no need for ANY of it. I grew up in a house with an alcoholic father that used to be VERY abusive to my Mom and his kids. I SWORE to never touch the stuff due to that. Of the people I know who are either alkies or smokers, THEY ALL would like to quit! All of them! So, my whole deal is, if you do it, great, if not, even better. I just don't want to do it, I don't want my kids to do it. If a random drug test is one more deterret, then I like it, and I won't apologize for being for it :)

I've said all I have to say or care to say about this. I'll see you guys in another thread, okay?

Again, there's that attitude I am talking about. "You are only against the forced invasion of privacy and the stripping of civil rights because you are part of the problem, if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't have a problem with it." This attitude is going to turn us into a police state, and we might as well throw our Constitution out the window. Let's go ahead and have the government do random house searches, let's go ahead and add an alcohol breathalyzer test before we start up our vehicle, let's tattoo anyone with a criminal record, and then we can go and have the government be able to record all our phone calls(oh wait).

FYI, if they really wanted to quit smoking or drinking, they would do it. I can assure you of that. I know people who have quit smoking and who have quit drinking, the difference between the ones who talk about it and the ones who do it is that the ones who do it really wanted to quit the habit and stuck to it.

I am against it completely...


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So, everyone who smokes a little weed is somehow hindering the education of those who don't and needs to be sent on their way to Wal Mart? I would venture to guess that that college drop out, Bill gates, may have smoked a joint in his day. I don't smoke and I have kids in HS and i am against across the board testing. This same mentality is the one that allows a cop to pull you over because he thinks you don't look right, search through your entire car and send you on your way if you come up "clean." It is all well and good until this person is you.

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