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If you could bring back one television series


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Well why do you think I like him?


Seriously though, he really is. I wasn't surprised at all when I heard about what he had done. I think he actually just got out of jail not too long ago.

yeah the sad part is "if" he was playing a character of "don vito" MTV just bailed on him, he was doing their bidding, and when he got rung up, they snuck out the back door.....

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Dark Shadows and Prison Break

Isn't Prison Break still on? Or did Fox finally put it out of its misery? The first season was awesome, but it's been all downhill from there. For some reason I still watch every episode b/c I want to see how it ends. Got one episode I've downloaded I haven't seen yet, but I'll be more than happy if that's the end of it. It's been horrible the past two seasons.

I don't know about the rest of you, but most of the shows yall are talkin about I wouldn't really wanna see come back. They've run their course and they were great, why make em jump the shark, ya know? I'd rather see shows that never got a real chance. Like Arrested Development, Reunion (that was the name I was trying to think of earlier..), Drive, Justice, etc. And I hope to God Friday Night Lights comes back next season...if they leave it like it ended, it's gonna suck...

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