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Jerseys - NFL, all sports, new authentic stitched Can meet locally - $50

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Email me for full jersey list at

I have an amazing selection of jerseys. I'm just a local Atlanta guy who was recently laid off and trying to make a few extra bucks right now.

I got jerseys in all sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL and they are all authentic, officially licensed stitched by Reebok and Mitchell & Ness.

They'll come to you sealed in plastic, never worn and with all of the tags still on. In stores, these jerseys range anywhere from $200-400 and the tags show that!

Email me and I can send you an Excel doc with everything available. Over 600 in all! Sample list below.

Don't deal with anybody overseas when you don't have to. Order through me and I can meet you in person for delivery. I can even meet you in person ahead of time if you'd like to see some samples first. That way you know what you're getting up front!

In my hand right now available for sale, I have a Broncos Elway throwback in size 54, a white Matt Ryan in 54, a Steelers Heath Miller in white 50, a Troy Polamalu 2008 Pro Bowl jersey in 52, and a powder blue Panthers Steve Smith in 50.

Once ordered, jerseys do take 7-10 days to arrive so just a heads up there.


NFL/NBA current players: $54

NFL Mitchell & Ness throwbacks: $62

MLB/NHL current players: $59

MLB Mitchell/Ness throwbacks: $67

Minimum order of two unless you're willing to meet me in the Duluth / Norcross area.

Also...if you buy 3 or more....I will take $10 off your total! Buy 8 or more...$20 off! Buy in bulk and upsell to your friends, I don't care what you do with them!

Again, please email respond to this and I'll send you the full list with details on player, colors, sizes, and even if the jersey has special patches on it like Super Bowl, NFL 75th Anniversary, Captain's C patch, etc. Most jerseys come in multiple team colors including alternates and throwbacks!

Here are just a few of the hundreds available:

Matt Ryan (black, white, and red)

Michael Turner Falcons (black, white and red)

Thrashers Kovalchuk

Joe Flacco Ravens

Ed Reed Ravens

Marshawn Lynch Bills

Jonathan Stewart Panthers

Bears - Orton, Forte, Hester, Urlacher, Briggs

**** Butkus and Gary Payton Bears throwbacks

TJ Houshmanzadeh

Braylon Edwards

Jim Brown throwback

Cowboys - Romo, Ware, Barber, Roy Williams, Pacman Jones, Witten, TO

Cowboys throwbacks - Aikman, Staubach, Dorsett, Emmitt Smith

Cutler Broncos

Elway throwbacks

Calvin Johnson Lions

Favre Packers and Jets

Andre Johnson Texans

Colts - Peyton Manning, Addai, Bob Sanders, Saturday, Reggie Wayne

Unitas Colts throwback

Garrard and Jones Drew Jags

Dolphins - Pennington, Ronnie Brown, Jake Long

Marino throwback

Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen Vikings

Patriots - Brady, Moss, Welker Super Bowl!

Saints - Brees, Colston, Reggie Bush

Giants - Eli, Plaxico, Justin Tuck, Strahan, Umenyiora, Kevin Boss, Ahmad Bradshaw

Lawrence Taylor and Mark Bavaro throwbacks

Raiders - McFadden, Jamarcus Russell, Deangelo Hall

Joe Namath Jets throwback

Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen Raiders throwbacks

Steelers - Ben, Willie Parker, Holmes, Woodley, Harrison, Polamalu, Mendenhall, Sweed, Hines Ward

Steelers throwbacks - Franco Harris, Bradshaw, Joe Greene, Lambert

Chargers - Rivers, LT, Sproles, Cromartie, Merriman

49ers throwbacks - Montana, Rice, and Ronnie Lott

Eric Dickerson Rams throwback

Titans - Young, Collins, Haynesworth, Chris Johnson, Lendale White

Redskins - Campbell, Portis, Landry, Moss, Cooley


CUbs - FUkudome, Sandberg, Lee, Zambrano, Ron Santo, Soriano

Pirates - Stargell and Clemente

Johnny Bench Reds

Price Fielder and Braun Brewers

Yankees - Jeter, Wang, Rivera, Arod, Damon

Ryan Howard Phillies


Michael Jordan throwbacks, several kinds

Rodman Bulls

Pierce, Allen, Garnett Finals Celtics


Billups and Carmelo Nuggets

Chris Paul Hornets

Many more than listed, email me at

Again, sorry for the spam, but like I said....I'm newly unemployed and just looking to make a few bucks right now.

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